Wednesday, September 01, 2010

More Ignatieff Liberal Hypocrisy On Fiscal Responsibility

 Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Party leader.
All talk, talk, talk.
None of it came from his own brain.
It's all talking points from the propaganda spinners behind the scenes.
Like Obama, Ignatieff just goes before the Liberal-Media Matrix and says what he's told.
He doesn't even understand the words he utters.  Not that he cares.
He once had a mind of his own.  Not anymore.  He whored himself.
All for the false glory of being Liberal leader... and maybe PM, if pigs were to fly.

Michael Ignatieff wanted the unnecessary, deficit-ballooning "Stimulus" spending.

Then he demanded a SECOND unnecessary, deficit-ballooning "stimulus" budget.  (Thankfully it didn't come to be, because, after all, the Conservatives are fiscally responsible, whereas the Liberals and Ignatieff are not)

NOW he's saying the Conservatives are not fiscally responsible, even though the Conservatives were resistant to the Liberals' and the NDP/Bloc coalition partners' demands, until the trio threatened a coup to blackmail the government into blowing billions in deficit financed dollars?


What's worse than incredible is Ignatieff's parroting of stupid talking points lately, such as, now, with the assertion that investing over the long term in Canada's national defensive capability and ability to assert her national sovereignty... is somehow proof that the Conservatives are "fiscally irresponsible"?

Gimme a break.

The Liberals want to blow billions on national socialism programs, some specified, some vague... yet they're pointing fingers and hollering, "Look!  Drunken sailors ahoy!"?

Sheesh.  Such assery.

Mr. Ignatieff, you don't get it!

First comes national security and public safety.  Fending off or neutralizing any and all currently and potentially occuring foreign and domestic threats is critically important... PRIORITY ONE!  Canada's military might was decimated by the Liberals and the Conservatives now have to rebuild it.  It will take time and money, yes, but it MUST be done.  Pity Ignatieff doesn't understand, nor care worth a stowed puffin poop.

Then comes, if Canadians stupidly vote for it by electing Liberals, the wasteful-spending-intensive national-socialist stuff the Liberal national socialist extreme fringe element wants.  Of course, that'd only last as long as other peoples' money doesn't run out... as it already essentially has in America, thanks to Democratic Obammunism, which Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberals want to impose onto Canadians against their will!

It's about PRIORITIES, stupid!

They don't get it.
They just parrot stupid talking points.
They're just obedient, non-thinking puppets of mysterious, sininster men behind the curtain who tell 'em what to say and do.

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