Thursday, September 02, 2010


 Mind your own fecking business, GEORGE SOROS, and stay out of Canada, you evil, evil man!

Anti-Sun TV News campaign in U.S.

It makes sense that the Hard Left, de-facto led by George Soros, an admitted and unrepentant Nazi collaborator and billionaire, will want to stop anything that isn't going to toe their agenda line... anywhere in the world.

The Hard Left wants to literally rule the world, so they're meddling in Canadian sovereign affairs.

Hey-ho, hey-ho, George Soros has got to go!

Evil, evil foreign Nazi-helping man stay out of Canadian sovereign affairs!

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Anonymous said...

This is nothing, wait until an economic crisis brings in the US military to Canada to arrest you on Canadian soil.What are you going to do when US special forces arrest you in Canada? Now is the time to address this, not when it happens. Since when does the Canadian Military negotiate sovereinty issues for Canada?