Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Liberals Get Whiny, Nasty Again As They Lose Public Debate On Registry

Story here.


There the Liberals go again with the America-bashing.

They're trying to fabricate a boogyman ("right-wing" Republicans") to compare to the government, who is winning on the nix-the-long-gun-registry issue.

The Liberals are losing on this issue.  They look bad because their leader, Michael Ignatieff, will not let them vote freely, won't let them vote for their constituents, and is requiring them to march in lockstep with the left-wing, tyrannical, who also want to bring in some kind of law, somehow, to punish law-abiding gun owners, with a view to eventually taking their guns away by banning them.

So the Liberals are trying to use hateful, stupid rhetoric to make the government look bad instead.

But will it work now?  Or are more Canadians than ever wise to the rhetorical BS being used by the left-wing Liberals as usual?


Jen said...

The liberals and their media will do anything to ruin this government and the country-doesn't matter how they do it-they will.

For this reason and more, canada definetly need a new media.


The media are monstrous. Blogs are more reliable. Try Ross's Right Angle. It's a new expat conservative blog, based in Jakarta. Today we take a potshot at Michael Moore's insults to Canada.