Friday, September 24, 2010

Looking At The Liberal Mind

Liberals are, in essence, prejudiced, bigoted people who only think and believe what they're TOLD to think and believe.


They want nothing to do with evidence and reality because they're taught to only think and believe as they're TOLD, and that if they dare to look at and point out evidence/reality, and doing so turns out to be politically incorrect, then they're scolded and hounded, by their leaders and peers, into submission, forced to stop using their brains, to stop looking at evidence/reality, and to join the blissfully-unaware suicidal lemming herd. 

This is part of the development of their mental disorder, their cognitive failings, their being out of touch with reality, their prejudices, etc.

I know, because I grew up being told what's what, and later found out that what I was told was sometimes not true at all, even though those who told me it was, were of the belief that it was, because it's what THEY were TOLD and PASSED ON to me. 

This is how Liberalism is spread... via believers who perpetuate the myths and lies, believing they're right, perhaps even meaning well... but being wrong.

By the way, we now realize that the world is round, not flat.  

But once upon a time, people believed it was flat... because that's what they were TOLD, and if they dared to question that dogma, they'd be ridiculed... as was Christopher Columbus.

Similar happened to Winston Churchill, when he warned about Hitler's apparent agenda for world domination.

Try to tell it like it is, based on observed evidence (especially evidence hidden by the dishonest, manipulative Liberal Media), and one will be ridiculed today, too.

But one day, many of our openly-expressed advisories to skeptical folks will be proven right.  Sometimes unfortunately so, as we wish we were wrong about the more dire ones.

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