Sunday, December 23, 2007

Trudeau 2.0 Flipflops On Quebec "Nation"

Above: Nope, that isn't the scruffy moonbat mathematician from the TV series "Numbers". It's Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party dude and son of former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. This guy clearly wants to be PM someday... Is this a Prime Minister? Looks like a feckin' Marxist-Leninist to me! I have an old friend who lives in Montreal and who looks eerily like that dude... and who is a foaming-at-the-mouth, unrepentant Communist!

Already, the potential "savior" of the corrupt, crooked, flaccid Liberal Party of Canada is showing what an opportunistic flipflopper he is!

Trudeau, the Liberal candidate for Montreal's Papineau
riding, came under fire from political opponents this past Thursday for saying
that recognizing Quebecers as a nation is a divisive move.

But in a report from Ottawa, the Montreal daily La Presse
reported yesterday that Trudeau took a different position during a speech to
Liberal supporters in Toronto.


"Parliament and my leader, Stephane Dion, closed this
debate and I am happy to align with the position taken by my colleagues in the
Liberal Party," he said in the speech, according to the La Presse report.

Oh, dear... look at this dude... he's letting Stephane Dion lead him! If he lets a non-leader like Stephanie "Flipper" De-Yawn lead him, how can anyone in their right mind consider him a leader?!

In an article published Dec. 15, Trudeau told Nouvelles
Parc-Extension News that recognizing Quebec as a distinct society in the
Constitution would just "create divisions" and separate groups within groups.
"Who are Quebecers to be recognized as a nation?" he told the newspaper.

This guy doesn't know what on earth he stands for.

Neither do we.

What does this guy really stand for? Same question we ask about "leader" Dion and wanna-be-leader Michael "demonic-looking" Ignatieff.

Librano$$$... the flipfloppers of Canada. Dangnabit... do Canadians want a government (Liberal) that flipflops like a trout out of water?