Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mexico, S.A. Cozying Up To Kalifascist Islam, Iran

Former Iran Prez Khatami hosted by Mexican Prez Calderon

Like hell we Americans and Canadians should be integrating our nations with the Mexicans!

Like hell there should be a three-way "North American Union" including Mexico!

In a little notice meeting reflecting growing ties between South America and the Islamic world, Mexican President Felipe Calderon welcomed former Iranian President Mohamed Khatami to Mexico City.

The two leaders met Wednesday at Los Pinos, Mexico's official presidential residence, to discuss deepening cultural bonds with the Islamic world in the face of Western notions of a "clash of civilizations.

The visit drew virtually no mention in the press outside of Mexico, even in Iran.


In July, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez met in Tehran with Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, reflecting Tehran's recent campaign to develop closer ties with Latin America.

In September, Ahmadinejad met with Fidel Castro in Cuba, where the communist dictator endorsed the Iranian leader's efforts to further the goals of the Islamic revolution begun by Ayatollah Khomeini.

The International Center for Dialogue between Civilizations was opened in 2006 by Islamic Dawa of Chauen, a militant Shiite Islamic group originally formed in Iraq, and the radical Junta Islamica of Spain.

Like hell we're going to consider this latest contact by an Iranian regime representative with Mexico's current president as a mere "dialogue between civilizations"... after all, evil has been referring to itself in warm and fuzzy terms for a long time, fooling the Left every time.

Beware the Mexi-Islamist trojan horse.

No to any "union" with imperialist-fascist dhimmi Mexico!

How dare Mexico send millions of illegal aliens up into America and Canada while itself being relatively hostile and discriminatory towards non-citizens living in Mexico? How dare Mexico demand its illegal aliens be treated as citizens in other nations? How dare Mexico accuse us of "growing racist hostility against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in the USA"? How dare Mexico? Look at the Islamofascistically-hostile company they keep! Look at how they treat non-Mexicans, as second-class residents without citizenship rights while demanding equal-to-citizen treatment for the aliens they send northwards!

And... how dare the Left agree with those fascist bastards! What shall we therefore think of our own Leftists, other than they're fascist bastards themselves?

And... deport the illegals. Close the borders to illegals. Let Mexico take care of its own people. They aren't our responsibility- they're Mexico's responsibility. We will not have "Palestinians" with their imaginary "right of return" pouring into our sovereign nations.

Tell Mexico to take care of its own people, including the poor. How would they like it if they were to have millions of Americans and Canadians invading their country, demanding equivalent-to-citizen rights and taxpayer-funded services on the phony basis of "human rights"?

How would Mexico like it if America and Canada dumped their unemployed, unemployable and poor people by the millions onto that country? They sure wouldn't, the hypocritical, mean-spirited, racist bastards!

You know, it now appears to me that Mexico is cleansing itself of poor, unemployed people.

What does one call that? You know, it's a lot like the Islamist/Arab World refusing to accept Muslims/Arabs they call "Palestinians" into their own nations. It's the same thing. Expect Mexico to, in future, fabricate a tale similar to that of the myth of "Palestine"... for sinister, selfish purposes. The illegal aliens are being used as pawns by Mexico, just as the "Palestinians" are being used by the Islamic World as pawns to destroy Israel, using a phony story recommended to them by the KGB.

Only fools would believe that Mexico is a partner for "security and prosperity".

And anyone who dares denounce me for speaking the obvious is themselves no better than the Mexican regime and the Islamic supremacist-imperialists. Or the Russians under the tyrannical Putin or the horrendously inhuman, finger-on-the-imperialist-trigger Communist Chinese regime.

No tolerance for intolerance. No apology for being free.