Sunday, December 30, 2007

France to Boycott Syria Over Lebanon Interference

The man who will, with unprecedented leadership, rescue France (and perhaps the world, even) from the terrible abyss of dhimmitude moonbattery: Nicolas Sarkozy

Now, what'd I tell y'all about Nicolas Sarkozy? The guy's a real leader for France, and now it seems to me, for the world. Can't call him a "cheese-eating surrender monkey"!
That's right, Syria, you evil, evil terroristic Islamofascist regime, you better pull out of and end your interference in the sovereign affairs of Lebanon, else you can expect France to train her crosshairs upon you rather than speak to you!
The Sark's got balls, and big, hairy ones, that's for damn sure! Evildoers hate it and become nervous and fearful when the Free World grows balls, for, after all, when the Free World has balls, the Free World always prevails against the Axis!
Now, if only the rest of the Free World would follow his lead... and how about the dirty, hateful likes of Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe? Let's boycott those sonsabitches, too, and send them a clear message that we shall not tolerate their intolerance and interference all over the place!
We really don't have to talk to anyone. We really don't. If they're assholes, to hell with them. We needn't legitimize them by having our picture taken smiling with filthy monsters like Ahmadinejad, Hu, Chavez, Mugabe et al... in fact, it's high time we raised the temperature of our rhetoric against the non-Free World Axis of Evil and its minions...
And we need again to shovel billions, billions and billions more into our militaries as the Free World in order to send the tyrannical monsters of the Axis the unmistakable message that should they have any desire for a world war to try to dominate, they will be annihilated just as was Hitler's Nazi Germany and Hirohito's Imperial Japan. All it takes is a few good booms!
The Free World cannot afford to pussy around anymore. Pussying around and kissing poopy tyrant bums isn't going to help anyone except the poopy tyrant bums. And that's no good, for poopy tyrant bums oppress and tyrannize innocents by the billions, and this is something of which the Free World ought to be totally ashamed, for it's the Free World who's unfortunately actually facilitating evil tyranny in those Axis regimes and their minion states by making nice with them.
The Free World needs to haul its collective ass down to the Dungeon Gym, hit the serious iron, scream like hell, gobble the protein, amass the power and prepare to really kick ass should the Axis make a stupid move... all the while refusing to speak to the Axis unless and until the Axis proves conclusively that it is no longer a threat, like with Iran proving conclusively it's not developing the N-Bomb and China proving conclusively that she's not going to invade and occupy the sovereign republic of Taiwan (or any other nation, for that matter) and so on and so forth!
Should we fail to stand up to the Axis of Evil and its minions, brandishing big sticks without carrots on the ends for a change, we, the Free World are placing ourselves at certain ultimate risk of attack, invasion, slaughter, occupation and enslavement at the hands of these rapidly-strengthening minions of Satan...
Do we, the Free World, really wish to drop trou, bend over meekly and await whatever deadly rape the Axis has planned for us? What are we, stupid, cheese-eating surrender monkeys?
I'm sick and tired and mad as hell at our Free World leadership for being such big pussies that suddenly we're looking real bad now that France has grown a set of big, hairy ones named Sarkozy...
No more Mr. Nice Guy. Time to show the evil ones of the planet that we'll pulverize them mercilessly unless they smarten up and abandon their evil designs for the planet.
For me, France under Sarkozy is leading the Free World now. Surprise!