Sunday, December 09, 2007

Leftist Enemy of Michael Savage Indicted for Child Porn

Wonder if this Leftist is representative of the hypocrites who try to destroy radio talk show host Michael Savage for his daring to exercise his right to free speech?

Oh, and, after reading at the above link, excerpts from which are provided below, click here to read about the Leftist's ludicrous, invalid defence for his actions (which he isn't bothering to deny). It's priceless.

Radio icon Michael Savage has been in the cross hairs of anti-American wackos for most of 2007. From illegal aliens who should not even be in America, to Islamofascists and their terror cover group known as CAIR, to the leftist nut balls seated on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Dr. Savage has been unfairly assaulted, maligned, and abused with impunity.

Because he holds and expresses very strong conservative views, Michael Savage has always been a convenient target for liberals, mostly because of jealousy over the outstanding success that the good doctor has enjoyed in the radio business.

When Michael began his radio career in San Francisco on KGO-AM 15 years ago, he was immediately assaulted by liberal Bernie Ward, also an on air employee of KGO. Ward thought it clever to claim that he could “hear white sheets flapping” during Savage’s broadcasts, a childish innuendo that conservative views somehow made Savage a nazi.

Michael Savage appears to be enjoying the last laugh against his leftist enemy based on news that Ward has been indicted in a federal court on child porn charges.