Saturday, December 22, 2007

Consensus of 400 Scientists Disagree With IPCC Consensus

The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works says so.

h/t: Goldbook

Also covering the developing story is World Net Daily. Their report is here.

Note to the fellow travellers following the Almighty Goreacle and drinking his provided Kool-Aid: The MSM cannot be considered credible; it is a fellow traveller itself, forbidden to even question the party line... holy shit, the brainwashing of so many millions into believing this Big Lie is simply astonishing... but those of us, myself, who today say it's all a pile of international socialist crap will one day be vindicated and viewed as folks to listen to, as opposed to folks like Al Gore and David Suzuki.

And I see that already the Al Gore people are madly, panicked, spinning the development. They, without evidence, assert that those 400-some scientists have been "bought off". Well, guess what? I, and many, many others, have already asserted that the IPCC scientists have been bought off... they see dollar signs in their eyes in return for corruptly toeing the party line and forsaking science in doing so.

Now, the whole "global warming/climate change" bugalaboo is clearly nothing more than a dismissable, ignorable controversy which is making the likes of Al Gore millions for their pushing of this imaginary snake oil and their pushing the Free World towards economic ruination while letting the non-Free World (or Axis of Evil, if you wish) off the hook for continuing to spew rapidly-increasing amounts of greenhouse gases, just like the likes of Al Gore himself, who, knowing full well that he's full of shit with the Chicken Littlism he pushes on us, doesn't bother to practice what he preaches, doing plenty of what he tells us to stop doing so much.

What's more believable, a claimed threat we cannot observe coming, or very real, observable, realizable threats from the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin, Hu Jintao, etc... plus the very, very observable phenomenon of rapidly creeping Islamization of the Free World?

I, and many, many others, are not fools. We prefer to worry about what we can see happening, as opposed to what a bunch of nutcases claim will happen some undeclared date in the future to wipe out all mankind or something like that...