Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bizarrely Astonishing Prison Policy In Oregon

It's getting quite extreme out there with the radically revolutionary leftist state apparatus brazenly forging ahead with its extremely radical social-reengineering agenda, even in prisons.

All emphasis mine.

It just keeps getting worse...

Prisons in Oregon are preparing to offer inmates who claim a same-sex partnership
special privileges specifically denied married inmates, a memo from state officials has confirmed.

Ironically, it's claimed as an "anti-discrimination" law... I mean, this is the very definition of irony!

"The new policy gives homosexual RDP inmates the special privilege of living together but denies it for heterosexual married inmates, just the opposite of what the policy is trying to achieve, and discriminates against heterosexuals based on their sexual orientation," the employee continued.

I thought that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation was illegal, unconstitutional, hateful, bigoted. I guess I thought wrong, then. It now appears that we can, indeed, discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. BUT only if it's against heterosexuals!


I declare this new "law" to be homosupremacist and homofascist. And illegal, unconstitutional... and very, very hateful. Yes, hateful. The hatred evident in those who want things to be this way is so very out-front and undeniable. Shouldn't they be hauled before some illegal, unconstitutional, wholly illegitimate "human rights" kangaroo court to have their rights summarily taken away and a cruel and unusual punishment imposed... as happens in the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal? Where is the ACLU? Don't expect to hear a peep out of them!

This is intolerable... YES, intolerable. That's right, all you melodramatically shocked homosexuals, homosexuality promoters and just plain brainless moonbat liberals, this must not be tolerated by people who genuinely stand up for equality (apparently there's a lot of homosexuals and liberals out there who don't fall into this category!) and non-discrimination.

What purpose/agenda is to be served, after all, by elevating homosexual couples in prison above married heterosexual couples in prison? Other than the stealthy, slickly Machiavellian elevation of homosexual relationships to first-class, legally (albeit unconstitutionally) superior status in society as compared to the old-as-civilization-itself heterosexual married couple?

Isn't this yet further proof that there's a clear, aggressive movement to raise homosexuals above all other persons, meaning that to be first-class in terms of citizenship, one must convert to homosexuality?

Hmm... you know, I'm beginning to see why we almost never see any verbal wars between the homosexual supremacists/fascists and the Islamic supremacists/fascists. The reason is that they have a parallel agenda of pushing for supremacism for their own special interest group and for legal inferiority for those not belonging thereto. And making unconstitutional laws that send the message to society that if we want to be accepted, tolerated and treated as "equals", we must become homosexual or Muslim. The two groups hold their fire against one another (for now) as they may fear that criticizing one another for the very same actions and agendae would expose them as hypocrites and lead to more and more coverage of the similarities between these two groups.

It's bizarre how shockingly similar the radical homosexualists and the radical Islamists are and how careful they are to leave one another alone (for now but not forever, we must understand) in the Free World despite the irrefutable reality that under radical Islam, homosexuals are as good as dead and must be made that way (as in the Islamic World, like in Iran, where they hang homosexuals and other un-Islamic or just plain inconvenient folks, not dropping them from a platform to die instantly like Saddam was, oh, no, but rather raising them slowly from the ground, handcuffed, noose secured around their necks...)

Something is definitely wrong in America. And the mainstream media (MSM) is shockingly, incredibly silent. Just like they were silent (except for the sole exception of the righteous Sean Hannity of FOX News) when the shocking, illegal and offensive-in-innumerable-ways-including-spreading-hatred-against-minority-groups "Folsom Street Fair" took place out in the open, all day, on the street in San Francisco this year. If you click on that link, be warned to get your children out of the room and lock the door... and don't click it either at work unless you want to get into trouble...

If you doubted that homosexuals get treated with special political, legal and law-enforcement favoritism relative to heterosexuals, viewing the evidence at the link in the paragraph above will completely demolish your remaining reasonable doubts. Unless, of course, you're stupid and/or delusional.

If you are opposed to this kind of hatred as evidenced by the leftist state apparatus treating different groups differently despite their self-righteous claim to be about "equality", "non-discrimination" and "being against hate", then, for Pete's sake, don't vote for any liberal/left-leaning political parties or candidates, ever, for the more these leftists are in power, the stronger the leftist state apparatus becomes... and the stronger it remains even when a conservative government comes to power with its hands pretty much too tied to put a stop to this militancy and dangerous social reengineering movement.

UPDATE: It now looks like that isn't going to happen.

Judge halts Oregon's same-sex partnerships
Challenge claimed petition signers' names improperly rejected by state

The ruling yesterday came from U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman on a request from lawyers for the Alliance Defense Fund, who argued the state illegally disenfranchised registered voters who signed petitions to bring the issue before voters, but were improperly rejected by county officicials.

The state apparatus used illegal, unconstitutional tactics to deny Oregonians their right to vote. That in addition to taking equality rights away from heterosexuals in favor of homosexuals.

Yes, part-time indoctrinator and hardcore-Leftist-in-denial "Peter Dodos", the self-aggrandized "Mayor of Dodosville", the Left takes away peoples' rights... but that is beginning to come to an end, as the People, through organizations like the Alliance Defence Fund, aren't going to tolerate this left-wing fascism and revolutionarism anymore. As you requested I demonstrate how the Left takes away peoples' rights, here's but one example. More to come, rest assured. Just be patient. It'll be soon enough. Meantime, browse my blog for other examples, if your mind isn't like a welded-shut steel trap. But I digress...

After arguments, the judge hearing the case granted the ADF motion for a preliminary injunction, meaning the law will not take effect Jan. 1 as scheduled. Another hearing is set for Feb. 1, officials with ADF said.

state already had begun implementation of the new law, with
plans confirmed by prison officials to allow inmates who are part of a domestic partnership to live in the same prison facility, and in the same unit, a privilege specifically denied married inmates.

The Leftist-controlled Oregon state apparatus is apparently so blinded by its scary, seething hatred for heterosexuals and heterosexual married couples and its insistence on taking away their rights and granting them to homosexual convicts instead that it didn't see (or care worth a damn) the unconstitutionality and criminality of what it was doing, let alone see it coming that the Alliance Defence Fund was going to stop them from doing this hateful thing.

One thing the People have going for them against the state apparatus is that the state apparatus is stupid and arrogant to such a degree as to render it incapable of understanding that what it does is wrong. And seeing the Alliance Defence Fund coming and stopping them from commiting this revolutionary, unconstitutional, hateful social reengineering.

Let the Left and the Leftist state apparatus of America beware, for whatever you do from now on, the Alliance Defence Fund is watching you like a hawk at all times. And the People are helping them go after you, telling the ADF what you're doing, wherever you do it...

I wonder if the ADF would consider setting up a Canadian Chapter? We'd love to have them help us to demolish the fascist "Canadian Human Rights Commission" and prevent any future Leftist governmental regimes from thumbing their noses at the Constitution Act, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the laws made by Parliament and by the Provinces, and, above all, the Inalienable, Democratic Will of the Canadian People...

Tyranny of the minority will not be tolerated by the People. Rule over the many by the few or the one shall never, ever be allowed to take root in the Free World.