Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beheadings in Mexico

In Mexico. Nice, safe, sunny old Mexico! The country who mean-spiritedly cleanses itself of the unemployed and poor by encouraging illegal emigration to the United States.

Suspected drug smugglers have dumped the beheaded or mutilated bodies of five people around the Mexican capital in recent days in what appear to be revenge killings for a cocaine seizure at the airport.

The severed heads of two men who worked for a private customs firm were found near Mexico City airport on Saturday while their bodies appeared just outside the city.

One of the heads had an index finger stuffed in its mouth and the other had a finger in its ear.


Three other bodies, two of them headless and without an index finger, were found this week in Tlalnepantla on the edge of the city. The hands of the third body were chopped off. These three bodies have not been identified.


Mexico has been blighted by beheadings and other gory killings in a 3-year-old war between drug gangs for control of smuggling routes to the United States.

On the other hand, I'm sure some of the illegal aliens might've left Mexico to avoid meeting an end reminiscent of that which they hear of happening in the Islamic World, so gotta admit some sympathy for those who just don't want to have their heads chopped off in Mexico. Maybe Mexico really is that bad?

So why not claim refugee status, then? Declare that if you're sent back to Mexico, you'll have your head chopped off!

Maybe Mexico really sucks that horribly after all, I suppose... and no wonder we hear of Al Qaeda terrorists coming to America via Mexico- they must like Mexico, I guess!

Please excuse my sarcasm, but who in their right mind can help being sarcastic and cynical about Mexico, with all those great hypocrites who demand that America treat illegal Mexican immigrants as if they're citizens while at the same time themselves treating non-Mexican citizens like dirt in Mexico?