Thursday, October 28, 2010

Natural Born Leftists?

Yeah, right.  Suuuuuure.

Sounds like "scientists" making stuff up again.  Been a lot of that recently, we saw, with the fraud and deception in the "global-warming" scam.

Now they're saying that whether one is a liberal or conservative is determined by genetics?

Yeah, right.  Suuuuuure.

Someone ought to ask the scientists how come there's a very large proportion of folks in the conservative camp who are former liberals.  Perhaps what happens there is that people grow up, become more knowledgeable, understand stuff better, and pretty much just... grew up?

Those who remained liberals, well, they never grew up...

I'd suggest that perhaps these "scientists", maybe they're abusing their professional credentials so as to create a myth that people are born to have the mental disorder orientation known as "liberalism", so there's no need to smarten up, no need to gather evidence about the real world, understand it and accept it as it is, and quit living in a child's fantasyland of what might be, as opposed to what is.

Perhaps the creation of the myth whereby liberalism is supposedly genetic and unchangeable would tend to help the Left win more elections, by fooling people into thinking that they were born to have a distorted perception/understanding of reality, to be guillible, to think what they're told to think by the so-called "enlightened, sophisticated, progressive" elites and the "mainstream" media...  In other words, just shut up, be proud of your liberalism and vote for Obamacare, for legalizing illegal aliens, for a carbon tax, for opening the institution of marriage to any combination and number of life-forms, for dismantling the military to make the Axis of Evil see that we're not a threat to them, submit to Sharia Law, etc., etc...


Robert of Ottawa said...

Don't be too hasty there. I can buy it: Intelligence is genetic and smart people are conservative. Right?

∞ ≠ ø said...

"liberalism is supposedly genetic and unchangeable"

Yet another reason to join the NFA/NRA... and buy one of these!

I'll opt for the .44

Check out "Enviropig" at the bottom of the link.
Ben Franklin would love this. Now if we could only make potheads bathe.