Thursday, October 07, 2010

Liberal Party Stands With Extremists, Ignores Moderates...

...and has the astonishing nerve and gall to call the Conservatives "divisive"?


(Screenshot captured, just in case)

The Liberals are standing up for an extremist from an extremist group.

Why do the Liberals of Ignatieff favor the extremist CIC? That's an organization that refused to boot out a former president for incitement to murder Jews over 18.

Why does the Liberal Party ignore the Muslim Canadian Congress, a moderate, reformist organization, which stands with the Defence Minister and praises his univiting of the CIC guy? Why doest the Liberal party stand for extremism and against moderation?


Obviously there's pressure from inside the Party Apparatus to foce the Liberals to assume a very dangerous stance and stand with an extremist hate group.

 Hey, Liberal:


Jen said...

The have lost all respect for this oountry, canadians and troops many many years ago. what keeps them ticking is their lifeline the MSM, without them, the liberals are dead.

devisive? the liberals should know that word very well; it is their trademark.

What both of them (media and libs) don't realize or they are stupid not too is that the public is waking up and are seeing right through the liberals and the media for what they really are.

Sounder said...

The UK stood with extremists for so long now look at it. Not pretty.

Of course Liberals say, "why, what's going on in the UK?"


Jen said...

Bottom line to all this is that the liberals could nor would be able to accomplish their selfish deeds without the backing of/from the media. They (media), are the first to fall into a trap then gradually the poor then the middle income.
One thing I do know is that the wealthy are gone; big businesses that feeds thousands people with jobs-gone.
What happen next-people follow behind the pipe piper for 'food stamps' and if you are not a 'good' boy, you may not see a food stamp.

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Damn it! Now I have to delete the browsing history, run the virus software, and gouge my eyes out.
That was one of the most horrific sites I've ever seen. Multiculturalism. Really? I see lemmings with vacuous smiles "going down the long slide to happiness, endlessly."
Unified by their desire for entitlement these four chums are the facade masking the power hungry treachery of the "liberal" party.
Are they building a stronger Canada? No. They're masturbating their ethnicity. A grand preoccupation for the youth as they are fleeced of their individuality all the while being assured they are good critical thinkers. In the heady haze of self loving grandeur, witness the resultant sportswear. Eeeesh.

P.S., and more to the point:
Which smile is governed by Taqiyya?

Canadian Sentinel said...

"Masturbating ethnicity".

That's what the Left does. They're a bunch of wankers.

Canadian Sentinel said...

The Liberals, like the Obamacrats, are all about the divisive pandering to groups, saying they have "policies" for this group and that group, while utterly ignoring all others.

What's their fetish for always talking about "women, women, women"? What're they doing with that? I don't understand why the Left keeps talking about women. What about women? Is the Left saying that women need tax dollar welfare or something??? We conservatives are about ALL PEOPLE AS INDIVIDUALS REGARDLESS OF GROUP MEMBERSHIP.

The Liberals, on the other hand, are the divisive ones... yet they call US "divisive". Sheesh.

Canadian Sentinel said...

You got it, Jen. The Obamacrats are about food stamps. That's socialism. The more folks on food stamps, the more folks can be controlled. Who wants to have their food stamps taken away for saying or doing something politically forbidden?