Sunday, October 03, 2010

C-Span Crops Becks "Restoring Honor" Rally for "One Nation" Communist Promo

Crash Politics: C-Span Crops Becks "Restoring Honor" Rally for "One Nation" Communist Promo

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∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

No surprises from commie-span. Let's hope this gets a lot of play in the conservative media.

Yet another illustration that there are no ethics in the leftist press. They are elitists with nothing but disdain for the common man. They think the liberal socialist agenda they came out of college with is correct,... indisputable and rational. They cover, lie, and feign blindness in the face of monstrous truths while smearing those who care to offer it. Click..... fascism. A slippery slope that socialism. Remember: Fascism always comes from the left.....and it's here.

Jen said...

As Glenn explained yesterday on his show on television- the difference between the two rallies. One suppose to be 'eco friencly' yet left a disaster behind and his rally that 'supposedly' are eco deniers(according to the eco-lovers,) left the(Glenn's) rally spotless.

The media are too ashamed to report what went on on during the lefty's rally.
Glenn's rally will go down in history as the most Historic sight: Restore America under God for Liberty Justice for all.

Canadian Sentinel said...

C-Span actually used cropped pix from the Beck Rally to falsely make folks think that the leftist rally was well-attended.

And pretty much all in attendance were socialists/communists. All those signs and booklets... all socialist/communist, they were. All fringe elementists.

I saw one picture where there was supposed to be either the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance. And out of a whole bunch of attendees, I could count only three who had their hands on their hearts. The rest were obviously following Obama's lead.

Jen said...

I hope that those who travelled far to be at this communist rally realized that they have been used and for that, they change their views on 'communism socialism' before it gets too late for them. Meaning, all that 'milk and honey' that flows from the socialist mouthpiece is just a 'trap' for more votes.

Canadian Sentinel said...

When they find out that it's not as promised, it'll be too late. They won't have any rights left. History shows that this is where socialism/communism leads.

After all, if the People are allowed to decide how they'll be governed, then after a short while, they'll vote the communists out. And the commies don't want that, so they take democracy away or at least "fix" it.