Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Declare: Tea Party Rising In Quebec

Francois Legault.
Future Premier of Quebec?

Francois Legault. Who is he, what's he doing, and why is he suddenly the most popular political figure in Quebec, ahead of both Premier Charest and Opposition Leader Marois?

He doesn't even have a political party, but the very idea of a party led by him, a "right-wing" party about smaller government, less debt and lower taxes, already places first in recent polls.

And the whole separation thing? Fuggeddaboutit.

Ie. no separation question. Just small government, etc. That's what people want to hear.

And M. Legault already has the Liberals and PQ showing their nervousness, with the Liberals already pulling out toxic slurs like "Quebec bashing".

Interesting. You know something's going to explode already...

Is it time for a Quebec Revolution? A Loud Revolution?

A Tea Party in Quebec?

A hard right turn for what so far has been dismissed as a terminally communist province?

No doubt the Left and the "mainstream" media is, as we speak, huddling and formulating their intifada strategy...


MikeAdamson said...

No intifada formulating from me, just a yawn...although it will be nice for Quebec's small government fans to have another option.

Anonymous said...

Won't happen. they might take a few seats, but it's highly unlikely the people of Quebec are going to abandon the Bloc to support some staunchly-pro US political party based on "lesser government".

The only support this party will really get is from social conservatives and English-speaking Quebecers. Given the strong anti-US attitudes in Quebec, particularly amongst the Quebecois, if this party is so succeed, they'll need to ditch the "tea party" label immediately or else become a laughing stock.

Also there is a large immigrant population in Quebec who, unlike in other countries, are very active in voting and politics. Most of these are Muslims/non-white who will never vote anything other than left-wing or center-left parties, let alone a hard-right tea-party with a pro-Israel and pro-US agenda.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Sigh... Anonymous, you sound like a professional left-wing talking head from the so-called "mainstream" media...

It's as if you're ignoring the evidence and going automatically with the programmed MSM narrative...

Canadian Sentinel said...

And might I point out that no such party exists, yet you already attribute "staunchly pro-US" to this non-existent party. Weird.

Getting ahead of ourselves, are we?

Kinda like how the Soros jihadists are going around screaming that a nonexistent TV network is a purveyor of "hate media".

The eyebrow-cock-provoking fantasies of the Left never cease to astonish me.

glacierman said...

The trolls are out at every story which challenges the statist leftists. Nice pick up on the talking heads. Of course they will never use a name, the anons show up and spew the hate-filled, anti-anything right Soros party line. I am a little surprised that there was no reference made toward the current governments US diss. Getting a little sloppy there, no?

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

I wonder if the state of France today is having a wide spread and as yet not fully articulated psychological impact on French Canadians. How could it not?
If the polls are correct there is a unified feeling of disconcert with the empty promises of socialist class rule and widespread recognition of its failures.

The arrogance of Anon's comment showcases (in this order) denial, deceit, anti colonialism (English), ethnocentrism, racism, and rampant particularism; all of which are hallmark shortcomings of the liberal elite.

Truth counterpoints here:
1. Might happen
2. May take a lot of seats
3. It is not unlikely that many will consider a move away from not only BQ but PQ affiliations.
4. Base conservatism never runs on a pro foreign government platform.
5. "Lesser government" is pure propaganda... one could say better, but the ideal is more akin to efficiency.
6. It is too early to characterize (label) the nature and breadth of support.
7. No one is laughing at the "Tea Party" in the U.S. (The press ridicules, but the laughter stopped a long long time ago.) Also see #4.
8."Muslims/non white", not even with a ten foot pole.
9. Can and should vote any damn way they please. Moderate Muslims seeking reform increasingly find their voice through conservative leadership.
10. (Ahhhh yes, up pops the real festering worm... the anti- Semite.) Refer to #4 again.

Canadian Sentinel said...

When leftists don't have a positive alternative to offer (their alternative has already been exposed, and it's bad), they proceed to lie, smear, demonize...

One thing's for sure: The delusional, extreme, hellbent Left isn't going to give up its dream for a tyrannical utopia. Therefore we must fight them in both bad times and good, because they never, never rest.