Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy-Violent Left-Wing Extremist Attacks Human Events Reporter

Another Obama-Democrat "progressive" in action showing off her mental disorder...


Canadian Sentinel said...

Funny how the Liberal Media and the Obamacrazies claim that there's right-wingers out there doing that shit.

Well, if it was true, they'd have shown us the evidence. No way could we have missed it, the way they'd immediately make it go viral everywhere, impossible to miss.

In reality, the evidence is that it's all left-wingers doing the violent stuff... and the evidence is viral online and in the New Media, though the Liberal Media ignores it altogether, to protect their own!

Jen said...

When the left- wing media in the states or the coalition media here ignores anything like this or the corruption here. you can bet your bottom dollar they know who is doing it or is behind the screnes.

What conservative is going to scream 'don't hit me' to a conservative reporter.
And another thing the lefties are very dramatic.

glacierman said...

Nothing like a Liberal to think they are the center of the universe. If you don't want someone filming you, don't go out in public, to a very public event, where there will be a whole bunch of cameras.

Either that or cover your face...with the Muslim headgear!