Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Liberals' New $1 Billion Promise

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff:
He wants to believe.
He probably also believes in Gaia and rainbow-farting unicorns.
I'm sorry, but THIS is NOT a prime minister!


Liberals say this will only cost a billion dollars.

These are the same guys who said the Long-Gun Registry would only cost, what, practically nothing, and has ended up costing billions.

Hey! Got an idea! Why don't the Libs say, "We'll scrap that registry, plus the CHRC and the CBC to pay for senior home care"?

Why not scrap oppressive state entities and use the money for people instead?

But they want to do something for everybody, or at least everybody they want to bribe to vote for them. Not enough, in their view, to just help people. They gotta oppress the politically incorrect, too!

Typical old-way-of-doing-politics Liberals. They haven't changed at all. Same-old, same-old. ADSCAM guys, still. Big spenders, still. Trudeauists, still.

They think the period from Pearson to Martin is "in" again.

Nuh-huh. Fuggeddaboutit!


glacierman said...

Being a true Liberal requires the function of using your creative juices to dream up schemes to spend the public's money, because they don't know how to spend it themselves "properly".

I haven't met a Liberal yet who didn't have at least one or two ideas on how they could make the country better...with my money.

Useless idiots...all of them!

Barky O'bambi said...

"He probably also believes in Gaia and rainbow-farting unicorns."

Well, OK, maybe they don't 'technically' fart rainbows, but all the skittles sure make them look that way!

Anonymous said...

That billion dollar promise is a promise to the media for the hard non work. Liberals 'took' money from the ill, troops, canadian public for theirs and msm own self deeds.

Canadian Sentinel said...

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