Sunday, October 31, 2010

CBS Journos Caught Conspiring Hit Piece On GOP Candidate

Story here.

Disgusting piece of crap reporters.

Completely unprofessional.

They need to be fired.  They shouldn't ever be allowed to be reporters again.

They have absolutely zero ethics, morals, scruples.

They're scumbaggers.

Well, what does one expect from the CBS?  They're the network of Dan Rather.


MikeAdamson said...

Let's not be too hasty since it was Breitbart from Big Government that broke the story. Given his record for jumping the gun it is probably prudent to wait before breaking out the bubbly.

Canadian Sentinel said...

His record is superior to that of the "mainstream" media.

If you can demonstrate otherwise, knock yourself out trying.

Remember, the folks herein aren't nearly as guillible and naive as the folks over at your bunker, bub. They know the difference between making stuff up and going by the evidence provided, when the provider didn't provide the whole thing. All Breitbart did was pass on the evidence he was given. Other than that, his record is stellar and spotless.

Nice try, but we see through you, bubub.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Besides, the MSM is infamous for offering nothing but "sources say", whereas Breitbart actually provides HARD EVIDENCE. When has he ever done the pisspoor "sources say" bullshit? See, he's superior to the MSM, which is why the New Media, of which he's the de-facto leader, is the place to go for information. Just compare the ratings for FOX vis a vis the rest of the cable news rabble.