Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rights Fight Continues in Another Kangaroo Court

The National Post tells us about another battle that started yesterday, a battle in a continuing war against rogue state-apparatchik liberal fascists and Islamic fascists who want to deny us our rights.

While I'm still busy and distracted with a big, slow-progressing move, a full-time job and other personal/family-related stuff which makes it all but impossible to blog as much as I'd like (or even stay on top of current events in my usual eagle-eyed manner) for the time being, this post is certainly one of those that just has to be done, as it's that important.

For more, check out Ezra Levan't blog. Particularly here and here (and continuing, so might as well check daily, as he's fighting this rampant fascism tooth and nail on a daily basis, himself being a target thereof).