Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chinese Communist Agents Attack Falun Gong in NY

Story here. There's pictures of the bigoted Communist agents in action at the link.

FLUSHING, New York City—Two attacks on Falun Gong practitioners occurred on Sunday and Monday of this week. The first attack was in Brooklyn on Sunday and another similar attack occurred in Flushing, Queens on Monday.


Police arrested a man on Monday in Flushing, Queens after he struck and broke the camera of Hongyi Pan who has been reporting for The Epoch Times on recent attacks on Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing. The incident took place around noon on Main Street. According to Hongyi, pedestrians told him that a man was acting crazily and was aggressively grabbing newspapers from Epoch Times distributors.

The man was said to be angry that his photo had been published on the cover of the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times in a section showing those involved in a hate protest against a Falun Dafa parade.


A similar attack occurred in Brooklyn on Sunday this week. Qiu Wei, a man known to be a local Chinese community leader, allegedly assaulted Falun Gong practitioner John Yu with a metal steering-wheel lock.

Hate crimes. These hateful attacks against the peaceful Falun Gong are becoming more and more frequent.

Whither the ACLU? Oh, yeah... forgot. The ACLU is Communist, too, so we shouldn't expect them to come to the aid of the Falun Gong, whom the Communists hate for no valid reason at all.

Why, also, doesn't the mainstream media tell the People about this alarming crisis of hate speech and violence against the peaceful Falun Gong? Is the mainstream media Communist, too? Do they whore themselves out to the Chinese Communist Party? Are the mainstream media hateful?

This hatred must be stopped. Let's get to work! For starters, let's deport anyone suspected of being an agent of the Chinese Communist Party with an agenda of spreading hate. The CCP can't complain if we do, for the CCP is one of history's nastiest, bloodiest, most hateful, evil entities of all.