Monday, June 02, 2008

HRC Inquisitors Didn't Even Read Article: Levant

Above: A kitty reacts to the news that some liberal fascists didn't even read an article they were "investigating" for (false) allegations of "hatred". The kitty regained his composure and remarked: "These liberal fascists... they're so prejudiced!"

Ezra Levant tells us more about the shocking incompetence and cavalier, entitlist laziness of the liberal fascists assigned to interrogate him for publishing an article claimed by an annoying old Islamofascist to be "hateful".
Guess what? They didn't even read the fecking article!

It's one thing for Shirlene McGovern and her fourteen lazy confreres not to show enough curiosity to do some research into the Danish cartoons themselves.

But you'd think that, in the 800-plus days they've been investigating me for publishing a news article about cartoons, that they'd have taken a moment to actually read the news article they're investigating.

Fire. Them. All.