Saturday, June 07, 2008

Moonbat Spotlight: Justin Trudeau: Aliens Have Charter Rights

At left (literally as well as philosophically) is Justin Trudeau, reputed Liberal leader wannabe and son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, himself infamously leftist.

Guess what weirdness Justin has recently uttered?

He has declared that aliens from outer space have the same rights as human beings, at least if they were Canadian citizens.

One might argue that he has a point.

But... remember, there are no humans in outer space, other than the ones currently up there on the space station, suffering from a clogged toilet (how on earth, er, how in the universe do they manage to relieve themselves without getting their gross stuff all floating around in the air?!).

Here we have a leftist, and a reputed Liberal leadership wannabe saying that he would see to it that aliens from other planets could have Canadian citizenship and would, as citizens, have the same Charter rights as human Canadian citizens.

What does this logically mean, then? Next thing you know, once he gave equivalent-to-human status to, say, bizarre creatures such as we saw in "Alien" and in "Predator", he'd have to also grant citizenship and Charter rights to cats, dogs, monkeys, chickens, etc...

See, here we have another leftist Liberal Party of Canada member demonstrating exactly how messed-up his thought process actually is.

Typical Liberal, eh? One of the supposedly best bets to lead his party, eh?

Heh! These guys, sometimes they just make me laugh and provide such wonderful material for me to do a blog post mocking their moonbattery...

Funny guy, that Justin Trudeau!