Monday, April 04, 2011

The Liberals' Hidden Agenda

It's not just the coalition with the other socialists that's being falsely denied or failed-to-mention by the Liberals.

It's also their agenda to impose a cap-and-trade regime that would mess up Canada's energy industry big-time.  And that would send energy costs through the stratosphere.

It's the Green Shaft Repackaged.

It's in their Red Book.  But who knew?

To their credit, the Globe and Mail, even though notoriously pro-Liberal, dares to raise the specter of this pseudo-hidden agenda, one of a growing number of apparent hidden agendae of the Liberals' and their would-be coalition partners.

He did not mention that the Liberals have committed to an aggressive cap-and-trade program which would, “set a ceiling on the total amount of permissible greenhouse gas emissions by large industrial facilities.” By not discussing this policy at all, the Liberals have left many key questions unanswered.

The Liberals are clearly marching in lockstep with Obama, Al Gore and George Soros.

Just say NO! to the Liberals and their hidden hard-left-wing agendae!


Thunderstick said...

But wouldn't "the green shaft" aka NEP2 piss alberta off enough to start a bon fide separatist movement? (Like thats a bad thing!)
Just my opinion.

Jen said...

Your opinion is correct Thunderstick but here's the thing, Us, Knuckle draggers, homophobic, hillibillie neanderthals Albertans, are not to bright in their view to know of this since the liberals buried the NEP2 package back on page 46, so we wouldn't read it just as the media reporters used to bury the PM speech or whatever he said of 'goodnews' on the gravey section of the newspaper. Mind you, any negatives he might say that is a 'no no' to the liberals is right in the front page.

Whatever the liberals and red book says is to look through the red pages with a fine tooth comb.