Friday, April 29, 2011

Lib Leader Desperate, Hypocritical, Demagogic

Don't vote for this scary, dangerous man, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, seen also below with his scary, dangerous, communist comrades Jack and Gilles...

By the way, see the guy on the far left, Jack Layton of the NDP?
I swear he looks just like Vladimir Lenin!

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has nothing to offer- no sound policies; just rhetoric and demagoguery.

He has already lost and is flailing about in vain.

It's pathetic.  What a way to go down, down, down, back to Harvard or perhaps some George Soros-funded organization for international socialism and one-world dictatorship-by-committee-of-amoral-billionaire-elites.

(...) you got to show up, you got to be real . . . you got to have a team.

Funny HE would point fingers and say that.  I understand that HE barely ever showed up in Parliament himself, choosing to prorogue himself about 70% of the time!

Sheesh.  Such hypocrisy!

He also demanded that voters subject Layton’s platform to the same scrutiny as other parties.

Funny- the old, "mainstream" media isn't scrutinizing HIS platform all that much.  Nor are they scrutinizing HIM much at all, for they're pretending he never honestly, openly, clearly expressed the ultra-extreme positions (pro-torture, pro-Iraq-war, pro-Bush, etc., etc.) he has in the past, and then flipflopped completely as Liberal leader.  They don't care that he's an opportunist who'll say anything for a shot at the Prime Ministership before leaving Canada again for whatever, wherever.

They ought also to be investigating the extent to which billionaire NWO extremist and openly-admitted-and-unrepentant Nazi Holocaust collaborator George Soros has his puppeteering hand upside Iggy's hiney.

He also claims:

“The country wants to get rid of this (Conservative) regime (...)

Oh, really?  Why on earth would Canadians want to get rid of the best government Canada has ever had, the government that has raised Canada above the rest of the Free World, finally?  The government that restored all the jobs lost during the recession and that is shrinking the deficit way faster than predicted?  It wouldn't make sense.  Besides, those who won't vote Conservative don't know feck-all about diddly in the first place and have been brainwashed by old-media, hard-left propaganda into supporting left-wing parties.  Sheesh.  Thank goodness for our first-past-the-post election system!

Besides, It would be more appropriate to say that three-quarters of Canadians want to keep the Ignatieff Liberals out of power!!!

Ignatieff says the NDP platform doesn’t add up because it involves $72 billion in new spending over four years without any way to reduce Ottawa’s $40 billion deficit. “It’ll end up in raising taxes and, in my view, it’s a bad plan for the Canadian economy.”

Funny... the same could be said about the Liberal platform!

“I’m attacking the Harper government because I believe profoundly that this regime is corrupt, is contemptuous of democracy and is incompetent economically,”

"Regime".  Ha.  Liberals themselves have always run a "regime", so this is rich coming from a Liberal.  "Corrupt".  Ha.  I recall, oh... the Liberals' infamous ADSCAM corruption and criminality from their last regime!  Again, rich.  "Contemptuous of democracy"?  Oh, but Liberals don't want Canadians to have direct democracy, and refuse to accept the possibility of referenda to decide serious issues, preferring to have themselves (perhaps along with their coalition partners on the hard left) impose whatever (sush as same-sex marriage), using whatever draconian, anti-democratic tactics they can, such as bribing people to cross the floor (recall Belinda Stronach)...  plus Liberals are gung-ho about usurping the duly-elected government by putting together an extreme-hard-left-wing coalition hellbent on marching in lockstep with the Obammunist Reich down south that's deliberately overwhelming and destroying America with monster-deficit-and-money-supply-expansion-fuelled overspending and extreme communist practices.

Dismissed.  Go back to Harvard, or to some NWO/Soros-funded/ChiCom/Muslim Brotherhood job somewhere... obviously outside of Canada, like before.


MikeAdamson said...

I figured these past few days must be trying ones for those who still don't get that modern conservatism is a minority ideology in Canada and thus you have my sympathies,although they aren't my sincerest. ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

What evidence do you have that conservatism is a "minority ideology"?

And how do you define "conservatism" in this context as an "ideology"? Does it mean "not-socialist"? Or what?

MikeAdamson said...

Fair questions. I think if conservatives could claim a majority in Canada then we wouldn't have seen two minority Conservative governments and the likelihood of a third come Monday. As to what defines conservatism, that's a little tricky since we have a conservative strain as exemplified by the former Reform party and we have conservatives as exemplified by people like Mulroney, Joe Clark, Stanfield, Diefenbaker,etc...traditional Canadian conservatives for lack of a better term.

The NDP certainly used to advocate socialism but that has mellowed into positions better described as social democracy or "Third Way." The Liberals definitely aren't socialists although they're definitely more willing to use the powers of the State to address social and economic issues.

I suspect we've entered one of those periods in history where politics realigns. I see a Conservative party today that is right of centre but not too far right lest it lose any chance to govern. I see an NDP that is left of centre but again that would likely change the closer it gets to possible governance. I see the Liberals kind of waffling in between which is fine when our politics aren't too polarised but not a good place to be when the politics become more polarised.

I do blather on but that's my two cents.

Balbulican said...

"What evidence do you have that conservatism is a "minority ideology"?"

Umm....the fact a large majority of Canadians voted for parties that are non-conservative?

Or do you feel that the Bloc, Liberals, NDP and Green are actually conservative?

This should be fun.