Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Interesting FYI


The American conservative woman who recently joined The Canadian Sentinel, you know, Gabriella Grizzly...

She is actually the Sentinel's girlfriend.

Yes... a Canadian conservative guy and an American conservative woman... united we stand!

UPDATE:  Ok... Gabriella Grizzly just told me to, ah, give y'all a hint for yer figgerin'...

Hmm... when I used the word "united" above, that means, well, ya know, a couple of rings might be involved in some way...


∞ ≠ ø said...


I wish you both the very best.

Let's make.. Synergy.. the word of the day;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Thank you, Infin!

Jen said...

Congratulations to you both!!!

∞ ≠ ø said...

Wow! Interesting update.

We haven't heard from Gabbers in a while and frankly that concerns me. When she told you to drop a hint how did she sound? Was it like this? Mmmmmpf! Mmmmmmmmmf!

Now Miss Gabriella, which of the three rings are we discussing?

Ms.FreeJustice said...
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Anonymous said...

I know, Ive been so bad about not blogging but I told CS right now I know theres a huge election coming up for Canada and I didnt want to take away from any of ths postings due to that. My blogs ramble about our issues, which are so much worse at this time.
I also have been bogged down with other issues that have taken me away from here and frankly, living in the USA with no health insurance bites! I also know that free healthcare is not an answer either. Whats left? Holistic medicine??
So, to settle everyones mind, I will be traveling to Canada in May not without however being molested by the TSA lol and scanned in the nudie xray and all. Then will come the time to board the plane..haha, not sure whats worse, the TSA or boarding..mmm.
Health issue well,is what it is. Nothing I can do but pray.
Now Infin, you asked which rings..lol...you so funny! Technically there are three lol.I think it may be the last 2 that is the most important. Anyone up to a party in May?? MMM??
For sure I will be blogging again once your election is over, dont want to take away from CS and his sarcasm for the left..LOL.
In the meantime, dont worry, life has a way of working things out to a point. Right??
OH..thanks Jen and Infin for the congrats.

Canuckguy said...

Rest assured our Canuck air traffic controllers are not sleeping on the job.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Good to hear from you Gabriella!

The three rings of marriage are:
1. Engagement ring
2. Wedding ring
3. Suffer ring

Thought you knew that.

Just being silly.

More silliness

"Good health can be overrated"


I've been known to play doctor on the internet and.... no, no, that won't do either.

When you go through the TSA porn thing tell them to turn it up two notches and hit print. Free x-ray.

Medicine has its own politics. Don't get me started. Be very proactive and very conservative in your approach.

Also, if you're in the weeds with all kinds of unexplainable nonsense start here.


New slogan:


Anonymous said...

HAHA..when I said holistic medicine..umm eating frogs was not on the top of the list lol. That was ahhh interesing seeing that first thing in the morning ;)

Thanks for the other site too.

Canuckguy,that is true about the air controllers and Im sure there is some political background to all that. I saw the news today that a few air controllers fell asleep during the mishap with the person thats married to the person that is sitting in the White House. What I am sort of nervous about is just heights..lol.

I also would vote for Harper if I was a Canadian, but next year, if we can make it through another year with the one in now, is going to be a very tense time. Right now, I see and hear so much here and I am not convinced there will not be a backlash soon from the people.

Capt.Craig said...

Not so fast CG, many years ago I tried to wake up a controller late at night by flying by the tower a few times after all RT attempts failed. It was to no avail, he was asleep on an Army Cot and I could see him through the windows. I landed and walked up to the tower and pounded on the door until he woke up and then asked him if I could land now.We all had a good laugh. Not much traffic in those days at CYYT.Believe it or not most pilots have dozed off on many occasions. It's not the big deal that the LSM and the holier than thou make of it.

MariaS said...

CS and GG .... congratulations. Good to know you guys will be tying the knot.

Jen said...


and to all


Maqsood said...

Very interesting story. Both as general and due to the co relations we could aspect for.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter To All..

God Bless,
Gabriella and CS

Turbulence training said...

Happy Easter to Gabriella and all.
Well, this story is just another catch on the high level, but good for many reasons.

Peter Dodson said...

So CS, Obama released his long form birth certificate today - satisfied?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh? So none of the others released were considered authentic, but we're supposed to automatically consider something released by proven-liar politicians is necessarily authentic?

Well, they certainly hope so.

Call me crazy, but I don't believe in double standards. I'd just like to see them have it independently authenticated so that we know it isn't a forgery.

Canadian Sentinel said...

The COLB was a forgery, after all. An independent expert said so. And I say that if you accuse the independent expert of lying, then you're nuts. (Sarcasm)

Balbulican said...

Love ya, CS. You're so predictable.

Your reaction is exactly what I predicted it would be, and the reason that Obama has essentially ignored the birthers; there is simply no evidence that will ever convince them.

I think releasing it now was a smart move - knocks the wind right out of Donald Trump's sails (although it would be have been hilarious to see the Republicans tearing themselves apart even further with that bloated ego wallowing around within the party.) It pushes the Birthers even further toward the fringe.

After a bit of macho huffing and puffing, WND will drop this idiocy and quietly shift to some other delusion.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Macho huffing and puffing?

Speak for yourself, biker boy.

Balbulican said...

"Biker Boy"?

Huh? More brilliant CS investigative journalism?? What on earth are you on about?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Visual humor Balbs.

You in assless chaps at the Blue Oyster...

Here's a new hat for you...


Update the avatar!

Canadian Sentinel said...

Interesting how leftists don't want to offer congratulations to two conservatives who are going to marry soon...

I guess leftists now only offer congratulations for same-sex "marriages" and arranged Islamic marriages that are imposed on women and underage girls against their will...

∞ ≠ ø said...

Yes, a conspicuous absence indeed.

A deliberate omission or CHF.

He's probably planning on asking you to provide your marriage certificate.

Well... no coup to be had there.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I bet Balbs doesn't believe me and Gaby are for real and that we're getting married. Bet he's got a conspiracy theory about it. Haha.

Re. showing marriage certificate: Why should we? Anyone who believes we're not... is a loony-toon. Oh, and I can be President of the USA cause the Constitution obviously doesn't matter, seeing as the powers that be don't care about the Eligibility Clause in Obama's case. Why would they in ANYONE'S? I mean, shit, somebody born in friggin' Russia, say, Vlad Putin, could immigrate, become a citizen and win on the Democratic ticket real easy given a split right-wing vote, etc... Scary!

Canadian Sentinel said...

And remember, Obama himself declared that the President must be born of two US citizens, as per the definition of Natural-Born.

So he's a hypocrite for being President considering his daddy wasnt a US citizen! Not only a hypocrite, but he's breaking the Constitution being President. He knows it. We know it. The media knows it. Etc.