Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ignatieff Either US Citizen Or Illegal Voter In US Election!

Which is it?

He said he has never been a citizen of a country other than Canada.

But he said he voted in an American election, something for which one must be an American citizen.

So what is the lie... and what is the truth?

Or is it ALL lies?

See?  Ignatieff is the Obama of Canada.

And Canadians can't afford an Obama.  We know what happens when a country becomes Obamized!


Justme said...

Please, for the love of all things good and just, never ever compare iggy to an eagle again. An eagle, whither it be bald or golden is a magnificent creature. It is brave and fearless and only takes what it needs from nature.
Please compare him to any kind of vulture, which feeds off the work of others

Kez Creates said...

So when he was staring into the camera during the debate, imploring Canadians to know they can TRUST him, he was just lying his tush off as usual?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Of course he was lying. He's a LIE-BERAL. ;)

Jen said...

CS, Justme has a point there.

In the English debate Ignatieff equates PM Harper to MAO's quotes on Human Rights.

Anonymous said...

You are an, ultra-right-wing wiener.
You think you're hot shit and better than everyone.

This blog demonstrates that you are an asshole and each word and post repeats that conclusion many, many times.

I'm sure you'll agree that you hate filled illiterate crap bears a striking resemblance to a certain Fascist.

Yup, that's Mussolini, or "Il Duce". You my brain dead dork shall be known as "Il Douche".

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

I think anonymous has something.

Extreme leftist ignorance exposed yet again. It amazes me that people actually believe the socialist apologetic tripe concerning the origin of fascism. As most social theorists are socialist (trite but true) most of their literature seeks very complex linguisticky explanations of where fascism comes from in order to somehow distance themselves from it. Some of it is written with such overt efforts toward complexity that the jargon alone makes it all seem credible. But it isn't. Spend some time with it and anyone of average intelligence will be able to see Occam's razor. Fascism comes from the left. Always.
Socialists would do well to recuse themselves from the discussion, or at least tacet.

I've stated before and will again that Marx viewed socialism from above as elitist. Mix that with the Nihilism of Nietzsche and lo and behold the real Mussolini.
I'd lay odds that this anonymous commenter rather likes Nietzsche and espouses socialist paradigms. Budding fascist; and so unaware.

Well Anon, the good news is that your syphilis is probably only metaphorical. It is late stage however, and may prove incurable.