Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rosie Depicts Young Daughter as Jihadist on Blog

Above: A child in "Palestine" being dressed as a "suicide bomber"

Rosie O'Donnel's daughter, above, as depicted on Mommy's blog

Rosie, below, blustery after having her sanity, ethics and morals questioned regarding posting such a photograph.

Actually, I do not find this funny at all. The above pictures are to illustrate a point, that I consider Rosie O'Donnel to be either insane or Islamic-jihadist-sympathizing or both, considering things she's said publicly and now her having done this to her daughter.

Rosie will probably automatically label me a "homophobe" (or even "Islamophobe"), but the fact is that she said the things she did in the past (defending jihadists and Islamofascists while condemning Christians and Christianity, not to mention condemning America, the country from which she benefits and profits from so much, the ungrateful liberal entitlist extremist!) and she's posted a picture of her young daughter wearing a bullet belt, appearing as if a jihadist or child soldier of some sort, ironically, as she's supposedly against guns and that sort of thing.

What the hell is wrong with Rosie O'Donnel?

Exploiting her own daughter... to make a political point... or what?

Time for psychiatric evaluation?

She brought this criticism upon herself.

Read it all. Apparently, there's a home video showing even more of this sort of disturbing thing by America's favorite celebrity.

Liberalism, leftism, so-called "progressivism": A mental disorder for sure.