Friday, June 22, 2007

Liberal MP: UN Violates Own Charter in Discriminating Against Israel

Liberal MP Irwin Cotler writes... (Read it all, naturally)

This discriminatory treatment is not only prejudicial to Israel; it is a breach of the UN charter's foundational principle of the equality "of nations, large and small." It concluded a week — and year — of unprecedented discriminatory conduct.


First, as a law professor and international lawyer, I could not accept a mandate to hear only one side of a dispute. The terms of reference deliberately ignored the Palestinian rocket attacks on the Israeli city of Sderot that preceded Israel's actions, and which continued even as we met.

Second, the mandate violated the presumption of innocence. The resolution establishing this fact-finding mission began by condemning "the Israeli willful killing of Palestinian civilians." The 19 Palestinian dead were a tragedy. But how could one participate in a fact-finding mission where the facts and the verdict were determined in advance — a kind of Alice in Wonderland inquiry where the conviction was secured and the sentence passed even before the proceeding began?


It is not only one state that is under assault. The bell is tolling for the UN Human Rights Council itself. It is time to sound the alarm and return the council to its founding principles and ideals.

Here you have it... a Liberal MP declaring the UN discriminatory and failing to respect the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.

Clearly the UN is an organization of intolerance and persecution, rather than of what it claims to be.

The UN is corrupt, criminal... and evil.

Into the garbage it must go...

...and be replaced with a "United Democratic Nations". I'd like that. The time has come to discriminate against undemocratic regimes which disrespect freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights... and favor Free World nations instead, such as Israel.

Down with the evil United Nations!