Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Very Busy Week

Above: The Sentinel's New Wheels

Y'all might've noticed it's been a touch longer than usual since my last post below. Well, this is an extraordinarily busy week for me... at work and with the delivery of my new baby, pictured above. And, yes, I'm loving it! And not only does it look fast... it is fast! A much-overdue self-reward for years of gut-busting hard work... finally! And my old car now seems antique in comparison, not to mention perhaps five or even six seconds slower to sixty.

So far, I'd recommend the Chevy Cobalt. Great value, advanced quality for an American car, nice to look at... and fun to drive to boot!

Will try to get back to blogging shortly... in the meantime, there's plenty of stuff going on in the comments sections of some posts below, particularly the one about Iran, which is a new record for number of comments on a single thread for TCS.