Saturday, June 10, 2006

Three Gitmo Inmates Kill Selves

Story here.

h/t: National Terror Alert Resource Center (See that in the sidebar... it updates with news, though a bit slowly)

Well, one could be forgiven for saying, "Oh, well... maybe they were suicidal in the first place... some of their buddies might've done the same thing when they were free... with bomb belts in pizza parlors in Tel Aviv or something..."

Maybe they had had enough of the "Nashville Pussy" music they had to listen to when they misbehaved... well, like the song title says, "Let Them Eat Pussy"...

Well, I figure that maybe, just maybe they had to listen to that wonderful stuff to remind them that they don't call the shots; that they're not superior to anybody...

And here's what the members of "Nashville Pussy" have to say to the jihadists:

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We ain't afraid of no jihadists!