Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Totalitarianism Has Already Arrived In Obama's Post-Civil-Rights America

A judge essentially declares that blue-gloved airport fascists, those TSAers infamous for ogling people on naked-scan machines and for touching their private parts "for security purposes"... such blue-glovers have a "right to privacy", whereas airline passengers have none.

The judge's reason for the ruling?  Sorry, we're forbidden to know.  He cites a "secret order" from the TSA.


The government, insisting that the “secret” order contains “sensitive security information,” has refused to make public the document outlining the procedures, according to John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute.

Institute attorneys had argued that since the TSA “order” has remained “secret,” there has been no opportunity for the public to comment on it, and “passengers and pilots are not only being deprived of their Fourth Amendment rights, but also their due process right to a fair hearing on their challenge to the secret TSA policy.”


“This ruling does not bode well for attempts to ensure transparency in government or efforts to safeguard Americans against virtual strip searches and other excessive groping of our bodies by government agents, especially when there’s no suspicion of wrongdoing,” he said.

“When civil liberties are tossed out the window – by government agents or by the courts – we all lose. No American should be forced to undergo a virtual strip search or be subjected to such excessive groping of the body as a matter of course in reporting to work or boarding an airplane when there is no suspicion of wrongdoing,”

Oh, and as for comment moderation, I'm sorry, but the reason for that is secret, and a matter of security, so you're forbidden to know about why comment moderation is on.

Now obey.  Do as you're told.  Or else.  Shut up and submit.  You have no choice.  You have no rights.  Discussion is irrelevant.  You will be violated where you stand.

Surrender or be destroyed.

Obama loyalists can dis me on their own blogs.  I'm sorry, but due to secrecy and sensitive security reasons, Obama loyalists aren't permitted to dis me herein.  They have no rights because, according to the Secret Order, this is necessary for "security".  They're forbidden also by said Secret Order to even know what said Secret Order says.  They will still, however, be forced to submit to emotional humiliation and psychological violation via my posts blasting their supreme overlord, Herr Comrade Baraka Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama II and his totalitarianism.


glacierman said...

Hey man, where do you get the "groovy" pics....?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, I simply use search engines and click on the "images" option, and there's tons of groovy pix...

Blurtex33 said...

Lol at one of the pictures. Did you really compare fascism with communism?

Canadian Sentinel said...


Canadian Sentinel said...

Statism is statism.

Tyranny is tyranny.

glacierman said...


Been reading school text books and just found out the difference in the meanings of some new words? Now you want to prove how smart you are and test your knowledge base?

While you're at it, Liberals are fascists too, don't you know!!!?

Right Balb? ;^D