Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gay Satanist 'Escort' Slays Client, Proves Not All Gays 'Kind, Gentle'

We were brainwashed into believing that "gay" necessarily means kind and gentle.

Ergo, it must be a great shock and surprise whenever we hear news such as THIS.

Perhaps the "mainstream" media will take a breather from demonizing all white people (OK, George Zimmerman is NOT "white" any more than Obama is "white", but the media nevertheless, for propaganda purposes, wants us to THINK he is) as murderous racists and do some reporting on murderous gay Satanist escorts...

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∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Well... There has been ample time for the usual leftist commenters to make the apples and oranges argument and to portray the O'Donnell incident as an aberration and condemn this man for his murderous nature. This, followed by the usual ridicule of the Sentinel for offering the juxtaposition in the first place.

But... no.

It's curious to see that there seems to be very little compassion for the twinks coming from the left. No there seems to only be a drive for legal affirmation of homosexuality with useful flamboyant idiots as the front.

The silence here speaks volumes. I have my suspicions regarding the true nature of a particular commenter on this site. More on that nature here: