Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DADT Repealed By Obama, Homo Rape Skyrockets in Military

Obama stupidly repealed the law that required people in the military to keep their "sexuality" to themselves, and not reveal it.

Apparently that law was, to an extent at least, preventing homosexual rape, as now, after its repeal, we see that homosexuals attacking men sexually is skyrocketing in the military.

It's time to re-institute the ban on homosexuality in the military.

It's time for something called "sexuality control", because unrestricted "sexuality" is obviously emboldening sexual criminals.  It's like, if we lifted the ban on pedophilia, there'd be lots more child abuse, no doubt.  So lifting the ban on homosexuality in the military is already leading to an increase in homosexual rapes.

Among the details in the reports: While, since 2006, 5 percent of the violent sexual assaults have been against men, recent reports now put that figure at 12 to 14 percent.


 “numbers have gone way up.”

(...) military’s efforts to deal with the complications of women in the ranks, which have been around for years, as well as the new issues of open homosexuality, are failing.

“What they need to do is get rid of gender-integrated basic training,” she said. “That conclusions was drawn that it did [increase] and still is increasing disciplinary issues.”

“If you don’t learn the basics of discipline [in basic training], it won’t happen later,”

 Dammit... it's the MILITARY.  Don't "progressives" understand that?  Don't they understand that you don't mess with that?  When it's a matter of life and death, of winning wars, of protecting the country from attack, political correctness and "progressiveness" have no business at all.

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∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Flush the chain of command and a few good careers down the toilet and watch the result.

Start with the major generals, (rear admirals, heh) and weed down to the individuals who have committed rape, peed on corpses, posed with the dead, sexually harassed, etc.

Return to DADT, retire all known progressive supporters, remove women from combat roles and zones. Treat homo and hetero transgressions equally, swiftly, and unmercifully.

That is all.