Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Staggering Hypocrisy of the Liberal Progs

 Two faces.  
Part of the essence of being a "progressive" "liberal" left-winger.
Like Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama II.

Story here.

A good-sized, but far from exhaustive, listing of "progressive" hypocrisies.  Do read it all.

One of the most blatant, intolerable hypocrisies is that of those stupid young (and also old) "progressives" who claim to be "anti-war".  Of course, they're only like that when a Republican is in the White House.  When a Democrat, like Bill Clinton, and currently Barack Obama, is in the White House, anything goes, absolutely anything, for any reason or for no reason at all.  Hell, Obama could become the next Hitler or Hirohito or Saddam or Arafat and the "progressives" would STILL NOT take to the streets, calling him a horrible, evil monster-terrorist, a murderer, a Nazi, a barbarian, and they sure as hell won't lynch and burn an effigy of him... whereas they did all of that crazy crap when Bush had just a couple of wars going (today I've literally lost count as to how many Obama has going now, and I see he's getting ready to start a war in Syria too).


Sixth Estate said...

I suggest you read the progresive blogosphere again. The general theme in the US prog community seems to be that Obama is Bush's heir in the military-industrial complex.

Paranoid? Maybe. But the main reason you're not seeing crowds of protestors isn't because the left in general is supporting Obama's policies, it's because the big left NGOs are deciding to stay out of the fray because they're still on good terms with the White House.

Take, for instance, which is teetering towards the general conclusion that America is going to be a fascist state with either a Tea Party president or a nominal Democrat who does whatever the Tea Party tells him to do. (Oh yes, did I mention "paranoia" yet?)

Canadian Sentinel said... sounds nuts, obviously, but, oh well, leftists are often that way... ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

And you must admit that your fellow progs as a group are very hypocritical. Either they are against war or they aren't.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Back to Kalandurren Doomguard!

Or is it just the Trinity?

Anyhew, I prefer ‘The Fifth Element’ for my fantasy play thingy. (It's a hetero thing.)

I am curious to know where this person was on March 19th however; perhaps endlessly rolling polyhedrals, or big fat Js. Given that the Tea Party and fascism is an oxymoron, I think the latter. Paranoia ya know.
For What It's Worth.

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