Wednesday, August 03, 2011

More Experts Say Obama BC Fake

And explain, with scientific evidence, why.

The science is clear and apparent.

It's not just a "consensus" of "scientists" saying a political position.


We'd have to be crazy to think Obama's document is the real thing.

The science is VISIBLE, not a mere claim which arrogant, greedy global-warmist/climate-change "scientists" tell us we better accept and believe... or else.


balbulican said...

Heh. I see that Corsi is now reduced to recycling the same claims from the same handful of "experts" to keep this "story" alive.

I wonder what he'll move onto next? Elvis Is Alive? The Pope Is an Alien? Lady Gaga Is a Secret Muslim? Can't wait.

balbulican said...

Just to clarify for unwary readers...contrary to the headlines of this post, this link does NOT feature "more" experts - it's a rerun of the same claims.

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

"'s a rerun of the same claims."

Yea. That's how they got Nixon.

glacierman said...

"it's a rerun of the same claims."

Funny how the truth always seems to sneak up behind you and take a bite out of your lying a**!!!

When the spell over America is finally broken, the People are going to some upset to know they were duped for so long and got caught in so many lies!!!

balbulican said...

Amen! TESTIFY, brother Glacierman! :)

(Actually, I was just trying to help our friend Sentinel with his headline writing. A good headline summarizes the actual story being linked to, not the writer's musings. In this case, a more appropriate headline would have been "Can't Find Any More Retired Adobe Ex-Employees To Claim Obama BC false, So We'll Tread Water For Awhile".)

I do feel sorry for Corsi; poor dude has a book to plug. I really liked the last "expert" whose experience with "typing" was garnered exclusively as a typist for a couple of years in the army. Heh.

Say, I don't think anyone responded yet to my question - do you guys actually agree with WND that Donald Trump and Obama were secretly conspiring to make Corsi and WND look bad?