Friday, August 12, 2011

Black Supremacists to Be Slapped With HATE CRIME Charges

Bet Obama/Holder will illegally interfere in their cases and make sure they don't get convicted.

Story here.

One African-American teenager arrested Wednesday confirmed witness statements suggesting that the large group of black teens, who had originally fought among themselves, specifically targeted white people

The incident sparked a crackdown by Gov. Scott Walker (R) and widespread condemnation of the acts by leaders in Milwaukee's black community. After the incident, Milwaukee joined Chicago and Philadelphia in efforts to combat a spate of recent attacks by groups of primarily African-American teens against strangers who are white.

It's time to talk specifically about black supremacism, specifically condemn it big time and loudly and bring in campaigns to stamp it out like we stamped out white supremacism.

Does anyone disagree?  Does anyone want to pretend there's no growing problem of racist, violent blacks in Obama's America?

Remember, the New Black Panthers were let off scot free for their felonious racist behavior at a polling station to keep whites from voting.  This is because the Obama-Holder Dept of Justice illegally politically interfered to have their convictions cancelled!

It's not just white supremacists who are a danger to people.  It's all kinds.  Don't let any kind off the hook!  But Obama-Holder do, and will continue to do so.  Just watch them!


Anonymous said...

Its amazing to think as I live in the USA, we are starting the hate crimes all over again. There was a time in history, where there were the 1960's I believe. I was young, however, I remember it being a time of turmoil. After it all simmered down, life went back to what was the norm.

Now, here we are 2011 and for some reason the riots are starting again. The timing is odd, just as all this administration has done. We find Obama as a weakling ...a puppet and we are the pawns in the game of life.

I personally carry protection with me. I see people behaving oddly now a days..why? I think several resons. But, I am going to make sure I am safe when Im out.

∞ ≠ ø said...

It's always good to hear from Gabbers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Infin...glad someone likes to see me appear...every now and then. ;)

∞ ≠ ø said...

Awwwww. You sound like a shy cutie who needs reassurances. I think you know how that works on us. Naughty girl!

As I see it, you're right on the Philly Chi-town line. I'd pack a few extra magazines if I were you. Perhaps The National Review.

I take that back. Have an issue of the Huffington Post with you. Drop it at the scene and they will quash the investigation.

Always recover your brass.
(Somehow that's suggestive;)

Anonymous said...

Infin~ caught me,Im feeling a bit lonely since CS has been back to battling on here. LOL.See, I have to rely on you guys to fill my love well now..haha.

Oh,,,and yes, I always cover...oopss recover my...brass. ;)