Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mass Media's Double-Standard Cover-Up

The mass media wouldn't quit hollering about unproven accusations against Herman Cain and only shut up about it (and abruptly, completely, suddenly so!) after Mr. Cain announced the suspension of his campaign for the Republican Nomination to challenge Obama for the Presidency as a "blacker" alternative... with real credibility and far superior intelligence.  Obviously, the folks who want to keep the extremist, revolutionary, neo-Communist, fascist, dictatorial Obama in power to pursue a devastatingly transformative agenda the overwhelming majority of Americans strenuously oppose... wanted to make sure that Mr. Cain didn't get nominated, so they enlisted some money-hungry propaganda whores to destroy, without any evidence, and without a fair trial, the character of Herman Cain.  Mr. Cain was right when he said he was going to get a "high-tech lynching".  That's how the Left operates!

Now we have a credible guy with a sworn affidavit who swears he met a twenty-something Obama at terrorist Bill Ayers's parents' home, where Obama had been staying, supported by them.  The Ayers's mailman swears it was Obama, and that Obama announced to him, matter-of-factly, that he was going to be President of the United States, as if it was all set up, rigged, planned, etc...

But now... the mass media is ignoring the mailman's testimony, in stark, and alarming contrast to their breathless, incessant, annoying coverage of the largely-anonymous and utterly-un-credible accusers of Herman Cain.

As WND reported, retired U.S. Postal Service carrier Allen Hulton has claimed in a sworn affidavit that Mary Ayers, and Barack Obama himself, told him the Ayers family helped finance Obama’s education. Hulton testified further that Mary Ayers believed Obama was a foreign student. Hulton said that in an encounter with Obama in front of the Ayers home, Obama declared that he would someday be president.

Hulton gave the sworn affidavit to investigators Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio commissioned to determine whether Obama is eligible for Arizona’s 2012 election ballot. Citing Arpaio’s investigation, a Florida congressman today said he’s not convinced Obama is eligible for the White House.

Yet... silence from the mass media, and hypocritical derision from the left-wing online media, much of which is financed via laundered money from George Soros.

Do read it all.  And think for yourself.  Of course, pro-Obama partisan propagandists, including at least one whom you'll see in the comments herein, will attempt to psychomanipulate you into being dismissive, urging you to prove you're smart by doing so.  Don't fall for the ploy.

If a bunch of people accuse a Republican of stuff, and the mass media and the Left treat them as wholly credible, based on nothing but mere accusations, and then the mass media and the Left dismiss and attack a sworn affidavit-signer's inconvenient, specific testimony regarding Obama... you know something's weird... and it's evidence that the mass media and the Left are biased and practice a hypocritical double standard.

So... what is the truth?

It's difficult to discover, because much documentary evidence of Obama's origins and past has unprecedentedly been sealed and censored by Obama himself via Executive Order immediately after his swearing-in.  This kind of secrecy is unprecedented in American history.  If Bush had been that secretive, do you think the media and the Left would not care?

Why does this stuff matter?  Because it gives American voters who give a damn some very important information to assess whether they can trust Obama and the mass media.  To  help them decide whether to vote for Obama or not, whether he's a safe choice or an obviously risky, infinitely dangerous choice.


balbulican said...

Oh, my goodness. SO much fun to be had with this one.

Well, let's start with Sentinel's political world. I particularly enjoyed his in depth political analysis of Obama, expressed in the phrase "extremist, revolutionary, neo-Communist, fascist, dictatorial Obama..."

Our friend Sentinel is, of course, unaware that those terms are mutually exclusive - kind of like declaring someone is a "Muslim Baptist Atheist". That's because for Sentinel and other Tea-party flavoured "intellectuals", it's not necessary to actually understand politics, economics, or any of the other things grownups consider when they talk politics. For Sentinel, words like "neo-communist" don't actually mean anything: they're just insults to be strung together.

balbulican said...

Let's move to Mr. Cain. Three women made public allegations of misbehaviour. In at least one case, a settlement was paid. The allegations are made: the candidate resigns. This, to Sentinel, proves that his beloved International Secret Conspiracy, headed by George Soros and a Cabal of Imams, Lesbians, Communists, and Evil Chinese, is at work.

Amusingly, having defended Mr. Cain's right to harass women, Sentinel slanders the witnesses as "money-hungry propaganda whores." Nice language, Sentinel, and nice to see you applying your usual double standard to the question of evidence.

balbulican said...

Now back to the Birfer stuff, which I like best of all.

The Tea Party asks Joe Arpaio to "investigate" some of their favourite birfer myths. Mr. Arpaio, using a WND author on a volunteer "team" he dramatically calls the "Cold Case Posse" (cute!). A retired mailman says he remembers meeting an exchange student with a funny name, and is pretty sure it was Obama.

Sentinel, God bless ya. You do more in your own humble way to help Obama win another four years than Rick Santorum did. :)

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Blah-Blah: "Our friend Sentinel is, of course, unaware that those terms are mutually exclusive."

Indeed, as they certainly are not. Obama actually represents a new chapter in socialist oppression. He is extreme in his expenditures and his abuse of power. His mantra is change therefore I need not go further with the term evolutionary. Neo communist is the choice label for the OWS movement as well as post Soviet Russian socialist democrats who clearly would approve of Obama's concept of the role of the state. Fascist, as the very nature of the Obama administration is that of the liberal elite imposing socialism from above. Dictatorial as in "you must first pass the bill in order to read it.," he dictates to Israel that Jerusalem is not its capital, he dictates amnesty for illegal aliens through The Dream Act, etc. etc.

Blah-Blah: "This, to Sentinel, proves that his beloved International Secret Conspiracy, headed by George Soros and a Cabal of Imams, Lesbians, Communists, and Evil Chinese, is at work. "

No, first of all the reader should be aware that the settlement was paid by the NRA (R for restaurant) 20 years ago and Cain did not sign any document. The excavation of these kalumniators has long been known to C.S., myself, and most of the informed world to be the hallmark of David Axelrod, not any of Blah-Blah's misdirecting suggestions.

Blah-Blah: "A retired mailman says he remembers meeting an exchange student with a funny name, and is pretty sure it was Obama."

Here Blah-Blah works overtime to misinform the reader about what the cold case investigators have found. In the previous post, he attempted the same bit of subterfuge so I will simply snag the refutation from there as well:

”Assuring the reader that he has read the article, Blah-Blah flatly lies about its contents. Trained, compensated subversives use this tactic because they realize few people will pursue reading behind what appears to be a logical veneer. This is a dead giveaway for a foreign operative.

Notice efforts to discredit the testimony based on the gentleman's age. Shameful. What the passing reader might not be aware of is that this gentleman appears to be the same age and is in better shape than Blah-Blah.”

View postman picture:

And his statement:

...“One day, Mary came to the door when I came up to the house with the mail,” he remembers. “After a greeting, she started enthusiastically talking to me about this young black student they were helping out, and she referred to him as a foreign student.”

...“I am positive that the black male I spoke with in front of the Ayers’ house that day was indeed a young Barack Obama.”

Canadian Sentinel said...

Again, Infinity masterfully smacks down the veteran practitioner of Ultra-Far-Left-Wing Noamchomskyist-Saulalinskyist Cunninglinguism... Again rendering the hapless Baghdad Balb speechless... Kinda like when one unplugs Obama's teleprompters...

balbulican said...

Come out from behind your mommy's skirts, Sentinel, and try to grow a pair that let you speak with your own voice.

"We's pals, huh, Spike? Ain't We?"

ROTLMAO. C'mon, sonny. You can do it.