Saturday, March 17, 2012

Considering Socialism-Communism Vs Capitalism

Communism is a fraud, actually, like socialism. It's a con job. Socialists/communists never live up to Marx's ideology of equal share in everything anyway, and I suspect Marx wasn't necessarily sincere about that, either. All socio-commies have controlled the means of production and capital, either centrally or via controlled cronies or chosen business runners who obey orders, and the profits mostly go to the communist tyrants and their cronies anyway... and we see this happening in newly-socialized America under Obama, too. It's all a scam, a con, a criminal scheme, and it harms far more people far worse than any capitalist society ever has.

Admit it, leftists who bother to look with open eyes and functioning logical minds. Socialism-communism never lives up to its ideology of a classless utopia that's good for all. In fact, well over a tenth of a billion innocents have been murdered in the name of imposing socialism-communism, from the Third Reich, which was socialist and centrist, to the USSR, to Red China, to the Obamacracy in America now (which will become worse and worse unless it's voted out immediately!). Capitalism in and of itself cannot be linked to such horrible stuff as can socialism-communism because under capitalism there is always freedom, democracy and rule of law... to the extent that it hasn't all been corrupted by criminals, socialist-communists, that is...
Ask anyone who suffered under an openly socialist-communist regime and who hated it. 
And naturally, so-called "progressives" will pretend that their ideology isn't socialist-communist.  But they're wrong.  Either because they're wilfully ignorant and/or brainwashed and/or stupid... or because they're propaganda activists. Sure, many will literally believe that their ideology is all good in intention, and there's nothing bad to come of it if implemented.  But when their leaders take political power, the good intentions invariably end up being tossed out the window.  This is the inconvenient truth.  Socialist-communist movements always end up being used by criminals and evildoers for anti-social purposes, as a matter of fact.


MikeAdamson said...

You should copyright this and title it the Sentinel Manifesto! I actually buy your description of communism/socialism but the point you're missing is that even capitalist societies are governed in the best interest of the elite. Our way of life is obviously preferable because the rule of law still applies (usually) and the members of society (mostly) have enjoyed a better standard of living than have societies who have not developed economically. Intervention by the State has minimised the grossest inequities that the capitalist mode produces but the balance is threatened by those that would reduce the role of the State. Income and wealth inequality are growing and if history teaches anything it's that a society which assigns a small group with disproportionately large rewards is not long destined for this world.

Sometimes I'm tempted to encourage such a development just so the Small Government Brigade will see what inevitably happens but then I remember that I do bear some responsibility to my fellow humans and descendants.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, I already gathered that you're a staunch proponent of big government.

Unfortunately, Obama has proven you wrong.

He's made the government of America into a horribly massive monstrosity costing trillions of dollars that aren't being made by the economy out of which he's strangled the life with regulations, laws, preferential treatment, crony capitalism (all that money to the so-called green-energy companies that just go belly up after receiving the money)...

Oh, and how does it help equity and the distribution of income to take from people who work hard and give to those who don't work and give more to those who work but who are exalted in a superior class called a "union", enjoying "rights" not enjoyed by most workers in America, and making far more money than they're worth, making them far richer than the average American?

How is having big, oppressive government going to create jobs in absolute terms, rather than killing them in the private sector by the millions in favor of jobs created in the public sector by the grossly overcompensated thousands??

How is having a trillion-plus annual deficit and a sixteen-trillion-plus-and-growing-fast federal debt going to help boost the private-sector economy and create jobs?

And eventually the ability to repay the debt will lead to default, and eventually it'll become tougher and tougher to borrow money just to pay for all those trillions of dollars in mostly-unnecessary and wasteful spending schemes...

Mike, tell me... how on earth is Obama's agenda going to make things better for Americans, help with their equality, etc., etc... if, before we know it, America will be bankrupt, deeply in the red and unable to pay for much of anything anymore?

Look at what happened to the former Yugoslavia, which was a big-government, socialist regime that bankrupted itself with a similar agenda and ended up broken apart by civil war and wholesale massacres based on differences?

What about Greece? Look at the reaction of the stupid, entitlist masses in the streets, to the government's necessary austerity measures that will indubitably take a lot away from the exalted entitlement class?

Sorry, but you have a case to make that big government is sustainable. It may work for awhile, but it causes many problems due to the reality of human nature vis a vis being given stuff rather than required to work for it.

Big government is statism. It IS socialism-communism masquerading as a "balanced" system, and wise folks aren't fooled.

Sorry, but you'll have to prove that big government is ultimately the best way to go, ie. imposing and controlling and restricting from the center via bureaucrats and executives... dammmit, that's socialism-communism.

In Canada, we have a small-government-oriented government, and it's working here. In America it's the opposite big time and it's throwing many out of work, etc., and bankruptcy and collapse is imminent.

Then again, perhaps you're just a propagandist.

balbulican said...

There is no perfect system of government, and never will be. Governments are and will remain malleable, evolving institutions, and their structure will change as the world changes.

Communism wasn't a fraud. It was a historical and economic theory, and it failed miserably in its application to the real world. The countries that called themselves "communist" basically applied new labels to their familiar forms of government; thus "Communist" China deified Mao as a kind of secular emperor, and the "communists" aristocracy of Russia replaced the Tsar's minions in the same dachas. The troops slaughtering peasants wore red flags instead of blue flags.

I sort of like the mix of socialism and capitalism we've evolved in Canada. That may just be because it's what I know, but it seems to combine the best part of capitalism (entrepreneurial energy and creativity) with the best part of socialism (the pooling of community resources to help the community as a whole). Either approach untempered by the other is a disaster; a judicious mix of both approaches, with democracy as the instrument to mediate the balance, seems to me to work pretty well.

What I find disturbing is the pretence by both sides that the other side represents Ultimate Evil. That's how children see the world; that's not how the world works.