Monday, July 25, 2011

Who Is Faking Norway Terrorist's Personal Status?

Story here.

Funny how "progressive" propagandists and trolls are absolutely convinced that the Norway terrorist guy is a "Christian" and a "conservative".

I just must ask, upon what concrete foundation of irrefutable, non-faked evidence is this conviction based?

Of course, the same folks also belive that Obama has validly proven his eligibility and uttered a valid, non-faked birth certificate and is thus definitely, constitutionally the President and not a criminal intruder thereunto.  They also think that Sarah Palin is a monster and that Michele Bachmann is somehow crazy.  Without a shred of valid evidence.

Well, hey, we're talking about liberals...


balbulican said...

Since I've already quoted WND in the other thread confirming that the murderer has acknowledged he is Christian, I guess I have to ask: what "evidence" are you looking for?

(Your Atlas Shrugged link doesn't seem aware of much more than the killer's facebook page. Have you read the relevant excerpts from his "manifesto"?

Sorry can sink deeper and deeper in your weird, furious, delusional denial, OR you can acknowledge the simple truth. And that's that conservatives, Muslim haters, or Christians are just as capable of murderous terrorism as any other group in the world.

That's not BECAUSE they're conservative, or Christian. It's because they're crazy. So calm down.

balbulican said...

Sentinel, one of the posts I submitted included statements from the murderer professing his Christianity. Have you mislaid that post? Do you want me to provide them again?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Mislaid? Hmm... could be. Sorry, old pal, but there were other, more important things to worry about than comments from a spin doctor. LOL

Ok, might as well attempt an excerpt again if you want.

But then again, I ask you: Is he a "Christian" by virtue of his heritage, like YOU are, or is he a TRUE Christian?

Like YOURSELF, he is an ATHEIST who DOES NOT BELIEVE IN CHRIST, NOR IN GOD. Therefore he's NOT A TRUE Christian, just like yourself. Same as George Soros cannot be a true Jew, as he's an atheist who also helped the Nazis exterminate Jews.

Hmm... Yes, the murderer self-identified as "Christian", BUT is he really a Christian, if he doesn't believe in Jesus, God or the Bible? Come on. Really. Get real and quit with the Hard Left's wishful thinking/propaganda that real Christians are inherently bad people while there are no bad Muslims.

balbulican said...

"quit with the Hard Left's wishful thinking/propaganda that real Christians are inherently bad people while there are no bad Muslims."

I'd be grateful if you stopped that bullshit, Scenty. You know that's not what I believe, I have never said anything remotely resembling that, and it's dishonest of you to claim it. Please knock it off.

The murderer identified himself as "100% Christian". Period.

You note that he accepts Darwinism? Uh...Scenty? So does the Vatican.

I have to congratulate you, though. At least you've stopped short of joining your fellow conservative bloggers (like Right Girl) who are wishing he had murdered Muslims.

I have to repeat, Sentinel: the real learning here for you SHOULD be that extremism, the promotion of hatred, and delusional thinking can lead to real horror ON EITHER SIDE OF THE SOCIAL SPECTRA: LEFT OR RIGHT, ATHEIST OR RELIGIOUS, MUSLIM OR CHRISTIAN.

I know thoughtful Jews, Christians, Muslims and atheists of integrity and good will. To pretend that any of the above are inherently evil is idiotic: and it is just as idiotic to pretend that ANY of those religions, or lack thereof, is incapable of unthinkable violence.