Monday, May 02, 2011

Tara "Crash"Vargas Examines Obama's Alleged "Birth Certificate"

Feed Your Brain!

Not only Is the released copy of Obama's Birth Certificate in deletable layers, but the letters have white shadowing behind them which no typo writer had the capability of producing in 1961. 

AND WHERE IS THE SEAL?  A embossed seal is placed on every United States birth certificate EXCEPT Obama's....   The most OBVIOUS missing information is being ignored once again by the media. 

Obama's fathers race is listed as African, everybody knows that "African" defines a geographic region, an entire continent, and there are people of every race living in Africa. The correct and accurate response for "race" in 1961 was "negro" but liberal forgers are conditioned to believe somehow that word is ruled "out of bounds".

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Ok, leftist trolls.  PROVE what you're claiming.  Don't just tell us to believe a lying politician and the lying media.  You look like fools if you do!


Anonymous said...

As still a citizen of the USA, I had to share my thoughts on this. I agree with so much proof coming out that can not be denied, its looking bad for Obama. The next question would be, if he was proven NOT to be a citizen, then Biden technically not a VP and there for who would step up? Would they let Boehner? Also, would this mean all of his orders be null and void?
Well, yet another piece of journalism for your reading.

I know people want to deny it and yata, yata, yata but in the long run we in the USA know the truth.

Oh, by the way, 23 more days till Canada sees me!!!

MikeAdamson said...

I was about to ridicule your comments but then I realised that there is an obvious tie-in between the alleged "assassination" of bin Laden last night and the need for Obama to distract from the birth certificate issue. He's a tricky bastard that Obama is but fortunately there are patriots who can see through this endless parade of charades.

P.S. Don't forget to vote.

Anonymous said...

Why were you going to ridicule my comment??

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Hi Gabriella!

Tikey Mikey is feeling his oats because of his new found strength in the N D P.

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Canadian Sentinel said...

Hmm... who is Rolf?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I know a Rolf... he's the dog on the Muppet Show, isn't he?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I used to have a hand puppet named Rolf...

∞ ≠ ø said...


You need someone
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Excellent result!
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Totally AWESOME!
Your efforts are a part of this marvelous result!
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