Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Count Down and Other News

Good Evening All;
We are now down to the last day before I leave to come to wonderful Canada! Then the big day is Friday. We are so anxious to get started on our new path together I can not express how much. We have been extremly busy hence why there have been no postings.

Its amazing how I met such a wonderful guy and through Gods grace we will have the chance to share our amazing lives together. All of you have been great supporters of CS and he truly appreciates it as do I.

As I leave America I am saddened a bit but also am quite excited to see the wonderful place you all call home....Canada. There is so much going on in the states at the moment I feel guilty to leave, but I am being called to be with CS and Im sure we can watch over both countries.

At this moment, CS is having some issues getting onto this account. We will remedy this as soon as I am living in Canada in June. Please be patient. We will keep everyone up to date on all issues.

Thank you all and God bless!! GG


∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Again, best wishes and congrats!

CS, remember to breathe and don't do a face-plant during the ceremony.


GG, remember to check on CS, the men drop more often, a testament to their total loss of control.

Colin said...

Welcome to Canada, try not to laugh when a Canadian says thank you to an elevator.....

Canadians are good people, but many will not say what they think to your face. as my wife said, they can be the nicest people to stick a knife in your back. (she came here from Malysia)