Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Will Candidate Obama Ever Actually BE President?

UPDATE: The pot calls the kettle black: Obama blames it all on Bush. How cliche. Everybody blames Bush for everything. Nothing's ever Obama's fault. Leftists are never at fault... there's always a horrible "right-winger" responsible for everything that goes wrong! It's also clear that Obama's actually deliberately making things worse... MUCH, MUCH WORSE! He's not even trying to make things any better!

Food for thought. Do read the whole thing.
Meanwhile, Obama the president has not really arrived. Barack Obama has not transitioned into the White House. Even his staunchest supporters don't really feel like the man in the oval office is the change they have been waiting for.

After all, Obama the president is so unlike Obama the candidate. Where Obama the candidate was bold, fresh and new; Obama the president seems like a big helping of big-government Democratic leftovers served cold. This is a dish virtually none of the electorate wants to eat and no one voted for.

Obama the candidate was a man who effectively united millions of people from different political camps and won with the promise of a new kind of politics. This man is still a winner.

Obama the president is the incredible shrinking commander-in-chief, who has deferred to old-time politics (and politicos) and yielded to disproven big-government ideologies.
Well, of course. He is, after all, but a puppet. He's not in charge- not allowed to be, by the People Behind The Curtain.

He's pretty much just doing what the hidden power elites tell him.

He's clearly no leader.

He's a pisspoor Commander-In-Chief. Dithering, dithering, dithering whilst American troops take further casualties. Still dithering even though the Afghan election is over, which he had cited (out of convenience- had to make something up, some kind of excuse to make people shut up for at least a while) as reason for his dithering.

I could go on and on, but what'd be the point? Really, the guy's done nothing much at all. Played a lot of golf, for sure, much more than Bush did. Bowed before an Islamic supremacist king. Acted as a lowly lobbyist for Chicago to get the Olympics (FAIL). Appointed three-dozen-odd dangerous, radically extremist revolutionary "czars" to positions of unaccountable power.

It's a Presidency about nothing but seat-of-the-pants, awkward attempts to impose neo-communism onto America. He's taking economic direction from a despotic, human-rights-trampling Latino socialist dictator or two.

He's making America into a laughingstock.

Yet the very same newsmedia who went out of their way to portray Obama's predecessor, President Bush, as a monster, a clown and a monkey, they nevertheless continue to tell Americans who still bother to pay them attention that Obama's still The Messiah and that he's gonna bring a rainbow-colored Utopian Paradise to America and the World.

How about some unicorns too, Obama?

And they said Bush was bad?



It's a double-edged sword.
There ain't no "free" lunch.
If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
There's always a catch. Too bad some folks haven't come to realize this yet!
Life is hard.
The government cannot "change" this reality.
A hard, but free, life is better than a luxurious life as a slave of the state.
If it isn't hard to get, it isn't worth having!