Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Top O Regime Figure Jarrett Caught Waxing Hypocritical

Valerie Jarrett, top Obama advisor and hypocritical FOX News basher

Story here.

ht: Michelle Malkin
(...) watch how fast Jarrett folds when CNN anchor Campbell Brown asks her if pro-administration MSNBC isn't just as biased. MSNBC is one of the giant holes in the administration's argument that Fox isn't a "real" news organization and should be ostracized. Worse, the administration's acceptance of MSNBC and attack on Fox show how intellectually inconsistent and hypocritical the White House is willing to be in trying to bully the press and shut down criticism.
(Emphasis mine)

And here's a cartoon that should remind y'all of Obama's attitude towards FOX News.

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: American bloggers put Jarrett in the crosshairs
According to Adam Bitely, Executive Director of NetRightNation.com, which tracks blogging trends in its daily publication, The Overnights, “I have rarely seen the kind of fire building in the hinterlands that I am now seeing over Valerie Jarrett. I’m not sure what set it off – though I know Michelle Malkin has hit the issue several times – but I do know that the rumblings in the blogosphere tell me that Valerie Jarrett is fast becoming a liability.”

“She could soon be the next Van Jones,” adds Bitely.

For those of y'all who have no idea (thanks to the Big Old Media who, astonishingly, didn't say anything) who Van Jones is, here's some extensive, exhaustive information on that super-hard-left-wing-extremist. Oh... almost forgot to mention that Jarrett herself helped to pick Jones for his "czar" position, as well as other ultra-extreme "czars" whom the Big Old Media seem afraid to talk about at all.