Sunday, November 01, 2009

Right-To-Life Movement In Majority Of States To Nix Obamacare Abortion Funding

There's no reason for the Obamacrat Regime to force the American taxpayers to pay to murder pre-born human beings, pre-born Americans.

And reasonable people know this.

This is why they've joined the fight to keep their right to not pay for that which is wrong.

I'm sure that the extremist pro-murder fringe will want to take away these peoples' right to campaign for the legal determinations they want there to be in place to prevent the confiscation of peoples' money for the purpose of ending human life due to perceived "inconvenience".
Mason said the grassroots personhood movement is "exploding." As WND reported, a project inspired by a Zogby/O'Leary poll revealed 71 percent of Americans oppose allowing taxpayer-funded abortions in health-care reform legislation.
"Most of these efforts start with one or two people and grow into something bigger," he said. "As we press forward, I think this is going to grow, and we're seeing that happen."
The Personhood USA website lists states involved in the personhood movement and allows citizens to register with groups in their respective states.
When the government is so extreme, so revolutionary, so arrogant, so oppressive... well, the Goebellian Big Old Media Propaganda Machine and the White House Brownshirt Bully Pulpit will be unable to stop the People from taking every legal, constitutional means available to them to combat the fascism and state terrorism now being unleashed upon America by the unprecedentedly mean-spirited, power-abusing, Constitution-trampling Regime.

I'd say that unless the Regime is willing to start incarcerating and/or executing millions of Americans, then the Regime will have to forget about imposing this extreme stuff on the People who overwhelmingly reject the proposed imposition.

Congress and Senate members who support the Regime's hateful extremism can expect a LOT of trouble at election time. They might as well resign ahead of the next elections rather than run again, in fact.

By the way, abortion does NOT have anything to do with "womens' rights". NO, it DOESN'T.

That's all a big lie, you see. After all, when you carefully read the Constitution, there's nothing in it that says there's any "right" to abortion, to murdering another human being, no matter who that human being may be, no matter their sex, no matter the color of their skin, no matter what their age, no matter what stage of life they're in. The Constitution does NOT make exception for ANY human being to not be covered by the Equal Protection clause, which, by the way, was brought in as the Fourteenth Amendment after the Civil War to End Slavery, won, of course, by Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans against the Democrats! Yep, that's precisely, make no mistake, dispel your received dogmas, uncover the covered-up, what the Civil War was about: Equality for blacks and the abolition of slavery. Strange that, though we talk about Lincoln's famous liberation of the slaves, his revolutionary abolition of slavery, we don't hear it mentioned that he actually went to war (against the Democrats, the party of slavery, the party of the KKK, the party of segregation, which is another word for apartheid) to be able to do this! Talk about manipulative historical revisionism!

The real agenda of the abortionists in propagating the big lies that shame the guillible and morally ambivalent is actually to keep the black population in check. Yes, the abortion movement's original jump-starters were, and still are, white supremacists. Think I'm making this up, just because you haven't heard this on the politically correct "news"?

Well, don't accuse me of making it up; don't shoot me, the messenger. Accuse these folks of making it up... these folks who made this documentary that proves it.

The abortion movement is racist, genocidal. Understand this. To deny it is to hate blacks. So open your mind to the TRUTH, however much you automatically feel compelled or coerced by overwhelming state-apparatus propaganda and brainlessly angry, pushy, intimidating peer pressure to disbelieve it.

What's more important, a woman's selfishness (and a man's selfishness, too, because, after all, there's always a man involved!) in refusing to take responsibility for the consequences of her (and he for his) willing, transitorily-euphoric-like-drugs, hedonistic sexual activity, or fighting hate and genocide against black people?

Who would rather be a racist than oppose a racist movement masquerading as a "womens' rights" movement?

What if homosexuality is genetically predetermined? Then it'll be possible for the state apparatus to use genetic testing to commit genocide against homosexuality via abortion, using the argument, and a "landmark", and citable, Supreme Court ruling, that it's all about a "woman's right to choose", and using the big lie that a "fetus isn't a human being". Think about it in that way, too, if you're personally not impressed with, or just don't care about the obviousness of the cleverly-disguised genocide against blacks. Think of the scientists who are obviously trying desperately to isolate the specifc genetic evidence that supposedly causes homosexuality. Where are they getting their funding? Probably from self-loathing billionaire homosexuals who think they can ameliorate their homosexuality by eradicating the homosexuals of the future. There's actually historical research that strongly suggests that Hitler and many Nazis were homosexual, and don't forget that abortion was one of the Nazis' eugenics ideas, and that Margaret Sanger, the "Planned Parenthood" founder, was a Nazi sympathizer at the very least, as well as a white supremacist.

Who would rather succumb to the kind of manipulative rhetoric that characterized Hitler's Nazi Regime and paved the way to the Holocaust by manipulating the perceptions of the guillibe, mentally-malleable German People? How do you think the Nazi Regime managed to make the People believe that Jews somehow weren't human, and that they had to be "gotten rid of"? How did that happen? Think about that! Had the brainwashed German People not uncaringly, obediently, submissively, inhumanly, insanely, selfishly looked the other way since Kristallnacht all the way through the Final Solution's implementation, then things might've been different. But the Goebellian Propaganda Machine was too powerful, and the People hadn't enough time to figure out and spread word of what was actually happening! Of course, billionaire financial-market manipulator-profiteer George Soros was one of these uncaring, selfish people, despite the fact of his being born Jewish. To even this day, he rationalizes his collaboration with the Nazis in the execution of the Holocaust. And he's believed by a growing number of people who see overwhelming evidence of his involvement, to be the guy who pretty much tells the Democrats and Obama what policies to push, and who finances and directs the Big Media Propaganda Machine, telling them what big lies to propagate.

What's this nonsense about "not judging"? Why is it wrong to judge people who, for selfish, responsibility-escaping reasons, help the genocide agenda of the virtually-invisible, quiet, low-profile, two-faced, ultra-wealthy, ultra-elite white supremacist community?

Today the Klan, which was brought forth by the Democratic Party, the very party now trying to expand, and, without Americans' democratic consent, confiscate tax dollars to fund, the genocide agenda against blacks, doesn't wear those scary, pointy-headed ghost costumes anymore. The de-facto contemporary "Klan" IS IN POWER AND CONTROLS THE AGENDA AND THE MESSAGE. They also preach "anti-racism" and hypocritically rail against imaginary "white supremacists" and "right-wing extremists", when they know full well they're projecting their OWN faults onto innocents! After all, it's hard to accuse "anti-racism" propagandists of being racists, and that is the genius of their whole scheme! It's all a facade, a farce, an act, a diversion, an illusion. And those weird-looking, apparently mentally-deranged youthful protestors we see on the streets, you know 'em, the gas mask-wearing, molotov cocktail-chucking, swastika-carrying Astroturfer left-wing extremists who have no idea they're being brainwashed, manipulated, used and taken for fools, just like the "Palestinian" People.

And Obama? Well, you know, it's possible for a person to hate his own race (Uncle Tom Obama, oh, yes!)... both of his racial heritages, in fact. Just like George Soros infamously betrayed his Jewish heritage by collaborating with the Nazis to save his own skin whilst enabling the murder of his fellow Jews. To this day Mr. Soros, who finances the Big Left-Wing Machine and effectively controls the government's policy direction and the President, expresses no regret, no guilt, for his collaboration with the Nazis.

Indeed, I do sincerely believe that Obama has sold out his racial heritage and the black community for the almighty buck, for the temporary privilige of being the (not-really) Most Powerful Man In America And In The World, for the farce of being accepted by the wealthy white elite as equal to them despite the obviousness of their actually using him for their purposes. He enjoys the constant adulation, worship and brainless love-ins of his guillible followers and the elitist, billionaire white supremacist-controlled Big Old Media Goebellian Propaganda Machine. Hmm. It's like what would happen if a Spartan would submit to Xerxes in the movie "300". Yes, there'd be rich rewards, but the submissive would still be in servitude under their master's thumb. It's Obama's own choice to submit to those who control him in exchange for the rich rewards (which will largely disappear once he leaves the White House... and he likely faces a spectacular downfall, much like Britney Spears has experienced since things started going downhill for her, career-wise, causing serious emotional withdrawal and a compulsion to replace her now-dissipated, adulation-and-worship-promoted, artificial euphoria with other things, like drugs and screwing around with anything that moves).

As George Soros is, in my suspicion, a white supremacist and (obvious) Jew-hater, Obama, like many in the Democratic Party, similarly acts against the black community's rights, equality and survival. This is why he's pushing policies that are so hateful and murderous and that require the confiscation of the Peoples' money without their consent in order to finance this Apparatus of Hate and Murder.

Oh, and of course, I have no doubt as to whether some lazy-minded, hyper-ideological, easily-misled "progressives" have been offended by this post.

Too bad. But then again, the offences go both ways. And the other guys started it all. I'm just one of millions who dare to practice resistance.