Sunday, November 01, 2009

Iranian Youth Rejecting Islam

I wonder why... not!

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ht: Bourque Newswatch
(...) Many senior clerics are aghast at the growing corruption among the clerics who run the government, and the pretense of democracy, with elections rigged so that only pro-dictatorship candidates can even run. At the grassroots, most young Iranians are fed up with the dictatorship. It offers no jobs for the poor, and few opportunities for the educated and ambitious. Most worrisome to the clerics is the growing number of young Iranians who are giving up on Islam. Many of these kids are saying that Islam is "un-Iranian" and that everyone should return to the pre-Islam Iranian religion. (...)
Looks like the Iranian People will eventually overthrow the Islamic theocracy. Apparently no matter how much torture and murder goes on at the hands of the Islamic supremacist regime there, it's clear that the People want to get rid of the regime, and link the tyranny and oppression to Islam, thus rejecting Islam as well as rejecting the regime.

In this way, Islam is like socialism.

The only way to maintain either in any state is to impose, to force. When violence and murder become the way the state regime perpetuates itself, then the People will no longer be submissive, at least in terms of finally thinking for themselves.

Chinese parallel

Another case in point is the surprisingly unreported by most media Chinese citizen protests against the Communist regime there. This is happening more and more, one can tell by reading the news being reported by the Epoch Times. In fact, the latest news concerns a protest by up to a thousand former Chinese bank employees.

Hmm. The neo-Communist Obama Regime is closing banks and forcing bank employees out of work. Yet they don't protest his bank-unfriendly policies (at least the Big Old Media hasn't told us if they have). Weird. The Chinese, who have no right to do so, and risk torture and death for doing so, protest their regime's banking policies, but American bank workers, newly-unemployed, don't? Like, WTF?! What's wrong with so many Americans, taking their liberties for granted, whilst the Chinese risk their lives to exercise their human rights which are denied by the Chinese Communist Party?!

The parallels between the Chinese Communist Regime and the Obamacrat Regime in terms of economic management are striking, to say the least. And telling. Clearly the Obamacrat Regime is following neo-Communist economic theory with respect to the economy, the private and financial sectors.
Banks terminating employees' jobs because of forced buyouts has a lot to do with China’s housing market bubble and banks loosening loan requirements, according to Zhang.

The same kind of protest, including a gathering with as many as 10,000 participants, also took place in Beijing in February and March. The protesters hoped the authorities could help solve their financial dilemma after their banks illegally terminated their contracts. However, so far the related government offices have not responded, but simply shuffled and evaded thee requests, according to an article published by Chinese Human Rights Defenders on Oct. 27.

American reality

You know, Obama has been firing people in America, just like that, no buyout. He just cans 'em! And his propaganda minions, the Big Old Media, let him get away with it! (Of course, FOX News takes him to task for that and lots of other stuff which the rest of the networks won't touch, so no wonder Obama hates FOX- Obama hates anyone who dares to speak the inconvenient truth about his fascism and tyranny as a leader!).

Sounds like the Chinese People are more aware of and interested in exercising their rights, or at least the rights denied them by the Communist Party regime, with whom Obama and the 'crats (not to mention George Soros) are like the proverbial crossed fingers.

While it's undeniable that millions of Americans have awakened from their slumber with respect to the threats posed to their liberties by the newly-ruling neo-communists, it's still apparent that far too many Americans continue to take their liberties for granted, likely due to the fact that they're addicted to the Big Old Media, which is essentially the propaganda mouthpiece of the Obamacrat Regime. Too many Americans are still unaware that their constitutionally-guaranteed liberties are being eroded and legislated away by neo-communists who hate and ignore the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence ("progressives", they call themselves).

Canadian reality

Of course, Canadians are in a boat much like that of the Americans. I believe that the majority of Canadians must be unaware of the shocking truth about Canada's "Human Rights" Commissions, which have actually been running roughshod all over certain classes and groups of Canadians' rights. At least we're not seeing any Big Media-commissioned polls about how many Canadians are aware of the fascist HRCs and the need to abolish them immediately. Then again, the Big Media is largely refusing to tell the People the truth at all!