Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hard-Left Militants Attack Peaceful Pro-Life Activist, Get Off Easy

Story here.

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They're getting off too easy. The consequences sound like the bullshit we got going on in Canada, in which pretty much everyone gets away with everything, like, for example, ADSCAM! Not to mention Karla Homolka is walking free without conditions, just a few years after raping and slaughtering her own little sister and other girls!

It's obviously a hate crime. Too bad Obama's "hate crimes" bill only applies to attacks, including merely of a verbal, non-criminal, constitutionally-protected nature, on "sexual orientations" (including ANY sexual "orientations", including pedophilia, by deliberate design).

There should be a "hate crimes" bill that protects pro-life folks from violence, and from hateful "pro-"choice""speech that might lead thereto. But since Obama and the 'Crats hate pro-lifers, they surely weren't going to offer them equal protection, therefore violating the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution, therefore rendering their "hate crimes" bill unconstitutional. But, hey, what the feck do they care about the Constitution? They don't care that Obama's not the President as far as the Eligibility Clause is concerned (until it's satisfied with REAL PROOF, NOT UTTERED, BIG-MEDIA-BACKED FRAUD). Obama isn't the President, except as far as mass delusion and the Big Media are concerned.

If two people attacked a homosexual activist, they'd be en route to jail as we speak!

So much for equality! Pro-life activists are worth virtually nothing to the Obamacrat State, whereas homosexual activists are worth more than everyone else, except, of course, the Number One group, the Islamic supremacists and fascists.

Six months for giving judge the finger.