Sunday, November 08, 2009

Barney Frank: Arrogant Elitist Douchebag

Barney Frank, ultra-left-wing wiener.
He thinks he's hot shit and better than everyone.

That was his mugshot, taken after being caught being an asshole, one of many, many times.

Below is Barney as he looks any other time. Not a lot different.

I'm sure you'll agree that he bears a striking resemblance to a certain Fascist:

Yup, that's Mussolini, or "Il Duce". Barney shall be known as "Il Douche".

And to a certain evil, vulgar baby who, according to the ultra-left-wing writers of the douchebaggy show The Family Guy, shares some of his orientations:

Story here.

He uttered a subtle slur at Michelle Bachman, attempting to smear her intelligence as well as that of thousands of Americans who recently rallied in Washington against Obamacare, the Trojan-Horse, neo-communist plot to control Americans' lives (and sometimes deaths), which Congress has just passed, sending it on to the Senate. (Fortunately, however, the mandatory taxpayer funding of abortion was nixed from the bill.)

I guess he doesn't like women, eh? Probably thinks all women are stupid, especially if they don't agree with him.

He's the sort of asshole who believes that he's always right and that everyone who doesn't agree with him is always wrong, is stupid and so on and so forth.

Sounds rather familiar- such an attitude is extremely common amongst folks like him.

Barney again:
"What are you looking at?

My obvious superiority, right?
Kiss my ass... please!"

And again:

Barney: "This is my boogey. You will consume it in order that I be compensated for my personal insecurities and flaws, so I don't have to look into the mirror to face the fact that I'm an asshole and a douchebag and proceed with self-improvement!"

Kind of like an old, grumpy Perez Hilton, eh? Perez is also intolerant of everyone who doesn't agree with his ideology, and also tries to publicly diminish them.

Guy seriously needs psychiatric help. If he doesn't get it, his assholery/douchebaggery will prove terminal.

And he's only making his reelection prospects worse by carrying on thusly.

At least Obama makes some effort to conceal/sugarcoat his own assholery-douchebaggery. That's one thing we gotta hand to that fascist. Hey, guess what, Barney-boy? Even Obama's better than you!

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I can just hear the lazy-minded "progressives" now jumping to that douchebag's defence, not caring that he's such an asshole, caring only that he's a fellow traveller like them and excusing all of his flaws, such flaws being fair game for attack when possessed by anyone who's not a leftist. Oh, yeah, I can just hear the lunatic fascists of the "Human Rights" Commissions saying that I'm "exposing Barney to hatred and contempt". But, hey, I'm actually just pointing out that Barney is full of hatred and contempt and isn't afraid to throw it at people, so those fascists can kiss my ass.