Tuesday, November 03, 2009

$5 To $45 Million For Ads? But Remember Liberals' ADSCAM's Missing $43 Mil?

So it's costing a supposed $5 to $45 million to advertise the government's economic stimulus operation nationwide.


But remember the Liberals ADSCAM, a program to advertise Canada to Quebeckers?

Well, due to that, the Liberals made $43 million of the total cost of that advertising to vanish and be unaccounted for. It's suspected that the money was stolen by Liberals.

Speaking of that, the motion to launch a full, independent investigation into that missing $43 million will be introduced in the House today.

How the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc vote will be interesting to watch. Surely the NDP and Bloc will relish the chance to kick some Liberal ass for political gain. The Liberals, of course, will vote against the motion... gotta try and save their asses, right?

So if the Liberals complain that between five and forty-five million bucks is being spent on advertising (hey, but it's stimulatory for the ad firms, isn't it, and might save some jobs in those businesses!), we can remind them that they caused $43 million of a much larger advertising campaign's funding to go missing, unaccounted for, and it's time for them to account for it!

ht: NNW