Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deranged Lunatic Prog Spotlight: Howard Dean

There he goes again, demonstrating that he belongs in a rubber room and on anti-psychotic medication.

Howard Dean.  Former Democratic Party Chairman.  Obama loyalist.  Communinst.  Anti-American radical activist.
Channeling Adolf Hitler?  Or just Reich Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels?

Racist.  Christianophobic.  Sexist.  Ageist.  Defaming and demonizing identifiable groups and spreading hatred and contempt.  And showing his atheist colors by mentioning "religion" in a belittling, hateful, contemptuous way.

 What's with the tongue, Howie?  Do you want to lick your boyfriend Ahmadinejad's butt before you fist him?

The sheer intensity of this man's lunatically deranged hatred for some identifiable groups, to some of which he ironically belongs... is staggering, shocking, frightening, ominous.  He ought to be committed for intensive psychiatric assessment and treatment.

Or... he just likes being a disgusting hard-left-wing propagandist pig so long as he somehow makes oodles of money for his antics.  His kind are a dime a dozen.

Will this piece of moonbat crap be charged with "hate speech"?

Nope, because his hate speech is politically correct and approved by the Liberal Fascists appointed by Obama to jackboot those who dare dis The Agenda, particularly their social-reengineering revolutionary agenda.

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∞ ≠ ø said...

Howard Dean: A horned wad.