Thursday, June 02, 2011

Confirmed: Hollywood Is Propaganda Medium For Left's Agenda

Story here.

Yup.  We were right.  We could tell all along.  The bizarre stories and bizarre lines in movies and on TV all these decades.  The Left took over Hollywood as well as the old newsmedia to push The Left's Agenda.

It is a controversial theory about primetime television and its liberal bias that has never before been proved so publicly.
Several senior Hollywood figures have admitted they hired liberal-minded people specifically to write their entertainment shows and push a left-wing agenda.
Writers for household favourite shows such as Friends, The Golden Girls and Charlie's Angels have all said in some form their shows veered from entertainment to left-wing political commentary.

That's how lots of folks received a large part of their brainwashing courtesy of the Left.


balbulican said...

I love ya, Scenty. You make me laugh.

Honest to God, I can't think of anyone else on the planet who would cite a single source commenting on a handful of thirty year old tv shows as evidence of an EVULL CONSPIRACY!!!!

God bless ya, dude. There are too many pundits in the world already, but we can never have enough clowns. :)

TexasFred said...

Network television IS the opiate of the masses...